11 Upstate New York Breweries to Try on a Road Trip

When it comes to drinking, we absolutely love going to breweries. There is something amazing about seeing how local grains, hops, and other ingredients can combine with a bit of ingenuity to create something delicious. As such, when we travel we try and hit up as many breweries as possible. So when I took a … Read more

5 Museums in Rochester and Upstate NY to Learn Local History

Upstate New York is a fabulous region. There are a number of great attractions, wineries in the Finger Lakes, and even numerous waterfalls in New York to enjoy as well.

In fact, I've visited the region a half dozen times over the last few years and still have only begun to scratch the surface of what there is to see.

During a recent visit as part of a media tour before the NATJA conference, I was able to explore the areas of Rochester, Cayuga County, and Syracuse, and spent a fair bit of time exploring some of the historical sights of this interesting region.

In this one, I wanted to share a few of the must-see museums that focus on New York's great history!

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Becoming a Kid Again at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester

When we travel, we often hit many museums in order to learn more about the history of the region, notable figures or events, and more.

But every so often we'll come across a museum that is so unique that we are absolutely blown away by it all and are left wondering why it took us so long to visit in the first place. 

The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, is one of those museums, and if you find yourself in upstate New York you really need to make a detour to check this one out. 

It will truly make you feel like a kid again!

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The Best Things to Do in Tempe, AZ- From Dining to Activities

Prior to visiting Tempe, AZ, I did not know what to expect.

I knew that the city was located in the Sonoran desert, just outside of Pheonix. I also knew that it was a college town, being home to Arizona State University (ASU).  But it wasn't until I really dove in during my first visit that I really got to discover the many awesome things to do in Tempe, AZ.

Today, I want to share some of those spots. So whether you want to eat, enjoy the city's libation scene, or be active, Tempe has a lot in store for you!

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