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Are you a representative of a leading company within the travel industry looking to market your brand online? If so, Living the Dream is for you!

Living the Dream was founded in 2008 and is a leading resource dedicated to help travelers plan extended travel more efficiently to experience all the world has to offer. 

Living the Dream has strong presence on search engines for casual travelers researching the world’s top destinations and also has a large following across several social networks. The following is a brief snapshot of the demographics and site statistics for this website. 

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Designed for those seeking to explore the world in both short and long-term adventures, Living the Dream attracts visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and genders.  According to, Living the Dream has a strong following in the 25-34 age range, who do not have children, are highly educated, and browse from home.

Our most popular outlets are currently Google Search (via SEO), Pinterest, and Instagram, and our current campaigns are tailored for these networks.

Stats, Highlights, and Social Media

Living the Dream maintains impressive statistics in both web presence and integration of social media and are increasing consistently on a daily basis.


The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide – Living the Dream’s first self-published travel guide (currently seeking a publisher)

Advertising Options with Living the Dream

We have many packages available to help market your brand and we tailor every package to meet your target audience and campaign goals.  Packages available include:

  • Custom Post Placements
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  • Product Reviews and Giveaways
  • Travel Sponsorship
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Consulting for Brand Development and Social Media

*Our advertising rates begin at $1,000 USD for custom articles. Display / Banner advertisements are administered through our media network, Mediavine.*

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Please note that we do not accept exposure, swag, goodwill, credit, future credit, equity, re-tweets, high fives, candy, Chipotle (unless in equivalent value), or puppies as an alternative for payment. We do not make any exceptions to this under any circumstances.  If you are interested in receiving advertising in exchange for one of these awesome perks, please read this post.

Additional Sites in Our Network

The Living the Dream network consists of several travel themed websites including our travel blog, Living the Dream, and a local city blog for Pittsburgh, PA, Discover the Burgh.

To discuss possible partnership opportunities on Living the Dream or any of the other sites in our network, please contact Jeremy at ( so we can talk about your business, advertising packages, and how we can help reach your marketing goals!