What is Living the Dream? About Us and Our Goal

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 5, 2024.

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Jeremy and Angie at Easter Island

Living the Dream is a travel blog that focuses on sharing once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences while providing practical tips to help you get out and have your own dream experiences on the road.

The site was originally founded in 2008 by Jeremy, a travel addict planning to take a long-term trip around the world (RTW is an acronym meaning 'round the world that was popular with travel bloggers at the time). That trip came and went in 2010-2011 and he wanted more. Later on, Jeremy's wife joined the crew for a second long-term trip in 2013-2014 as well.

Between the two trips, they hit 50 countries on five continents and took in activities like hiking to Everest Base Camp, marveling at the moai of Easter Island, scuba diving in the Galapagos, and more!

After returning from that trip, they were named one of USA Today's 10Best Travel Couples, moved to Pittsburgh and founded a local blog for the city (aptly named Discover the Burgh– now the largest blog in the city), had several staff writers sharing adventures from their own long-term trips, and Jeremy ultimately made the leap to full-time blogging in 2018.

Since then, Jeremy and Angie have been able to expand their travels to over 100 days on the road per year. In 2022, Living the Dream expanded to feature guest posts from travel bloggers around the world sharing their own once-in-a-lifetime adventures as well.

But why are we different than the rest? Well, one simple reason- we don't sugar coat things.

Travel is not always glamorous. Being on the road for over a year is challenging. Experiences that are often considered once in a lifetime typically get that phrase for a reason- they're difficult to achieve! We simply don't want to be one of those fluff blogs that lead you down the wrong path when planning your travels.

In fact, reading a 2,000+ word article with no actionable advice infuriates us to no end. We simply want to provide honest, practical tips from those who have been there, done that.

Jeremy and Angie at Lake Bled, Slovenia

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More About Jeremy

Jeremy has been traveling internationally since 2008 when he took his first trip abroad after finishing college. Since then, Jeremy has taken two long-term trips around the world (2010-2011, 2013-2014), visited nearly 80 countries, and more. He is an award winning photographer, DipWSET in wine, scuba diver, self-published author, and has spoken at several conferences (TBEX and Travelcon) on travel blogging topics.

Jeremy loves outdoor adventure activities, hiking, and going to off-the-beaten-track destinations.

More About Angie

Angie joined on board at Living the Dream for her first around the world trip (2013-2014) after marrying Jeremy. Since then she has visited nearly 60 countries where she takes deep dives into the local food culture as best as possible. She'll be found taking cooking classes from local chefs, exploring popular and under-the-radar markets, and seeking out local food as well as hitting some of the world's best Michelin star restaurants whenever possible.

Angie also loves hitting up cultural sights, homes of famous classical musicians, and picking up as much local language skills as she can.

Staff and Guest Writers

Living the Dream also periodically hosts content from other travel writers sharing their experiences with the world. We have had a few staff writers in residence documenting their gap year travels (Rylie, Kendrick, and the Morgans) as well as periodic guest posts from other writers. These are denoted accordingly at the start of the article.

Awards and Recognition

Living the Dream and its team have received a number of features, awards, speaking slots, certifications, and other accolades over the past decade-plus. A selection of our favorites include:

  • Awards: #7 on USA Today's 10Best Travel Couple 2014, Bronze Photography Winner NATJA 2019 “Photography (Online): Landscape, Nature, Architecture”
  • Featured Speaker: TBEX North America 2014 and 2016 and Travelcon in 2019
  • Media Mentions: New York Times
  • Notable Freelance Publications: Princess Cruises, Mastercard, Trivago, G Adventures
  • Professional Associations: North American Travel Journalists Associations (NATJA) and Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)
  • Certifications: WSET Diploma (Jeremy), WSET Level 2 in Wine (Angie)

Check Out Our Other Sites

Living the Dream is just one of several websites we operate within our business, World of Discovery Media LLC. Check out our other websites like:

  • Discover the Burgh – A destination blog for Pittsburgh and southwest PA.
  • The Grape Pursuit– A wine blog following our attempt to try every grape varietal in the word.
  • Hipster Homesteaders – A home and garden site following our weird and unusual home and cooking projects.

In addition, for those operating in the media space, Jeremy also runs the free weekly blogging newsletter This Week in Blogging too as a separate project with a fellow travel blogger!

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