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What is our dream? This.

“The one regret I had in my life was not traveling sooner.”

This statement is made by hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Think about it, and you might even come up with someone you know who has made this very same statement.

In our work oriented culture, travel is resigned to short 2-3 week bursts in a single destination. Why 2-3 weeks? More often than not this is the maximum time that anyone can take off from a job. To make matters worse, rather than seeing a culture and experiencing adventure, the time is spent on relaxation and recovery.

The thought of traveling longer is always met with the same two roadblocks: money and time. Although it gets put on the back burner, the desire remains the same. Day after day, year after year, it sticks with you until finally you find yourself uttering that famous quote like so many others.

Living the Dream was founded in 2008 as a way to keep focused on planning and saving for the goal of long-term travel- all while showing others how to do the same. That trip came in 2010 and, after five months on the road, that trip ended.  We weren't satisfied.  Two years later we went on a second long-term trip, and when it ended 15 months later we still weren't satisfied.

We wanted more.

Even with so much travel there is a strange phenomenon that takes place, your love of travel compounds.  The more you travel, the more you want to travel. The more places you check off your list, the more places get added through conversation with fellow travelers, and this is especially true for us as our desire to see the world has not subdued.

This is where our mission comes in to play.

Living the Dream is not just your standard long-term travel blog. Although our number one priority is to help you get out and see the world anyway possible (including encouraging long-term trips), we go beyond that.  We are also sharing our journey into digital independence with our blogs and online business ventures to show how we are building a dream life of travel.

Through our site, social media, and published resources, all aspects of travel and lifestyle design are discussed for your needs, with more articles being published every week. So, if you are like the hundreds of thousands of others out there who don't know where to begin, let us help you live your dream!

What Do We Cover?

Living the Dream in Puerto Rico

Our content on Living the Dream follows three main topics: travel, travel blogging, and lifestyle design.

Under the umbrella of travel, we cover a wide range of topics from before, during, and after trips of all duration (our shortest being just a few days all the way to our nearly 500-day trip around the world).

Jeremy loves a good adventure, and throughout his travels in nearly 70 countries has featured stories like the Everest Base Camp Trek, our Easter Island visit, covering a land tour in the Galapagos, and the many things to do in Mauritius to name a few.

Angie is all about culinary travel, and in her 50+ countries has featured stories like the best Paris restaurants, reviewing the 21 Ecuador chocolate bars we tried, and more.

Over the years we've also featured a number of staff writers who covered their own interests from their long-term journeys around the world, too!

Under the umbrella of travel blogging, we share all of our secrets in making a world class travel blog. As one of our major frustrations in travel blogging is the half-truths that are published, we wanted to let it all out there so you can succeed in blogging as well!

Under the umbrella of lifestyle design, we go behind the scenes in our business to show the financial side of owning an online business as we seek out a life of digital independence.

For more, check out our breakouts on our major topics covered below:

Travel Planning

Venice, Italy_9372293750_l (600x401)

Looking for general travel advice for planning next trip? Check out our Plan Your Trip section which features our top advice based articles! Need more help beyond this? We have a comprehensive Planning Service available where we can help plan your trip!

Destination Topics


Need advice from the 70+ destinations we've covered on this site? Check out our Destinations section which features our favorite articles from around the world!  Don't know where you want to go? Check out our Top 100 Countdown which features our favorite experiences from our long-term trips!

Book Your Trip


Are you ready to book your next adventure? Check out our Book Your Trip page which gives a list of our favorite companies for travel and building an online travel business. (If you've found our articles helpful, by booking through these links we'll receive a small commission!)

Blog Your Trip

Blogging in France

Considering opening a blog to chronicle your own travels and lifestyle dreams? Check out our Blog Your Trip series where we share some of our favorite tips for growing a successful travel blog. We go beyond the standard advice columns you're used to seeing!

Lifestyle Design


Want to learn the background on how we're turning our travel websites into a business that funds our dream life of travel? Check out our Lifestyle Design series where we share monthly income and traffic reports, as well as other topics that are focused on our dreams of digital independence!

Follow Along


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