3 Unique Snacks to Try in Quito, Ecuador

So many quesadillas!
Snacking is one my favorite ways to eat, especially when traveling. You get to try a bunch of different dishes and don't have to take a chance on a massive plate of anything in particular. On our recent stay in Quito, Ecuador, we took a snacking oriented food trip with Viator where we sampled traditional baked goods, sweets, and other small plates, and got an insider's look on how these snacks are made.

The following 3 snacks made it onto our list of most unique and most delicious that you must check out during a visit to Quito!

That Time Angie Made Us Stay in a Sex Hotel

Enjoying the surround sound of a half-dozen Colombian men getting it on with their mistresses at a sex hotel was not something I would have put on my bucket list.  

But it happened anyway.

Welcome to your first night in Colombia!

The 21 Chocolate Bars We Ate in Ecuador

I really like chocolate.
Ecuadorian chocolate has been enjoying an increase in worldwide popularity over the past few years. If you talk about chocolate with any Ecuadorian worth their salt, they will quickly point out that Pacari, an Ecuadorian chocolate company, has won dozens of international awards over the past two years, beating out traditional European chocolate makers time and time again.

After decades of merely exporting their cacao internationally, entrepreneurs in Ecuador are realizing how good their cacao is and how much pride (and money) can come from producing chocolate bars from their own cacao right here in their own country.

We had to see for ourselves what distinguishes Ecuadorian chocolate from bars processed by the premier chocolatiers around the world.  After a month of traveling around Ecuador, and 21 bars later, we found out.

Behind the Scenes of a RTW Trip - Month 13 Travel Review

Living the Dream made it to the equator!
The end of the first month of Year 2 was quite an emotional one for us.  It reminds us of what it was like to end the first month of this trip a year ago and how much more we had to look forward to.  But now that we are as the opposite end of the spectrum, and our trip nearing its end, we have started thinking about the wonderful things that will be coming next.

Luckily for everyone here, we have huge plans.  But since we are still traveling for a few more months we have to hold on them for now and talk about the exciting adventures that we're currently having!  So let's take a look back on Month 13 and see what it was like for us, shall we?

As with our last report, each month we feature a travel review of the highlights, lowlights, and spending we had during the course of our adventure.  These are provided as a snapshot of what our RTW trip is like for your reference, although we know that every trip is different.