3 Parisian Apartments for All Budgets - Which Is The Best For Short Stays?

Walking to this view of Notre Dame in just a few minutes each night? Priceless.
Now that I have been to Paris, France, on four separate occasions, I've had the chance to stay in a wide array of accommodation types.  From a campground outside the city-center to budget hostels and luxury apartments, I can easily say that I've experienced many accommodation types for multiple different price points.

Out of all of the accommodation styles I've enjoyed (or endured) in the city, apartment rentals have stood out to be my favorite beyond all others.  For not much more than the cost of two beds in a run-down hostel, the apartment scene in Paris offers a budget friendly option for those willing to spend just a bit more in order to receive a significant increase in quality.

Armed with a credit from our friends at FlipKey, I got the chance to try out two apartments on my recent stay in Paris.  Are they worth the money over the alternative options?  Let's find out.

Looking to Rent an Apartment Abroad on Your Next Trip? Give FlipKey a Try!

All of FlipKey's apartments in Paris
Many readers here likely know of our love affair with renting apartments when we travel.  Having a private room (or even one shared with a host) is a great way to get out of the hotel scene, have some extra space to yourself, and likely save some cash too!

Over the years we've tried just about every service out there, and left most of them being rather disappointed.  From having limited choices to only catering to high-end apartments, many of these booking services fell flat in the criteria we were looking for- leaving Airbnb to be the only suitable alternative.

After hearing about TripAdvisor's apartment rental service called FlipKey, we knew we had to give it a shot.  Armed with a credit provided by their team, I was able to stay in two apartments during my brief stay in Paris to see what the service is all about.

So how does the booking site stack up to the rest?

Does T-Mobile Really Give Free Data in 120 Countries? Sign Me Up!

Shiny brand new phone!
In all of my travels, I never carried a phone.  I'm going to repeat that to let it sink in.  Out of the 66 international countries I've visited, totaling well over 700 days of travel, I never once used a cell phone.  In fact, even when I was at home I never even owned a smart phone.  Crazy, right?
Call it a mix of wanting to save money and not getting hit with roaming charges when abroad, but the truth of it was that I never had any desire to be that connected.  When I was out exploring I didn't want any distractions, and I loved every second of it.

Well, as of one month ago, that has changed. 

As of one month ago I purchased my first smart phone with a Simple Choice plan through T-Mobile for the free data, text messaging, and cheap calls in 120 countries.

If I'm going to do it, it will be done right, and with a starting price of $50/month I was sold.

How Lassiwala in Jaipur, India, Saved Our Sanity

After a mere 24 hours in India, it hit me: I was sick from both ends, unable to drink even water, and wanted to die. We were in Varanasi, the dirtiest place I've ever been. I rolled around in my rickety bed for two straight days, sleepless due to a combination of being extremely nauseated and having to listen to an elderly Indian man right outside our hostel window hacking and coughing at all hours of the day and night (which made me even more nauseated).

Even after I recovered, the nausea lingered for weeks. Jeremy got sick shortly after me and also felt queasy off and on for even longer than me. Every time we smelled cumin and coriander, our stomachs churned. This left us eating at the likes of McDonald's and Pizza Hut more than we're willing to admit. This might be a good time to apologize publicly to Jeremy for making fun of him for eating at McDonald's in China when he didn't feel well because now I totally get it.

Anyway, we were so run down and weak and were unable to sight-see for more than a few hours at a time. I cried nearly every day, upset that we were eating fast food in one of the most amazing food cultures in the world, and wanted to go home or at least get out of India. It was in this low point that we discovered Lassiwala in Jaipur.