Credit Card Rewards Recap - Are Hilton Credit Cards Good for Long-Term Travelers?

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences
Before leaving for our long-term trip, we opened up two Hilton Citi and two Hilton American Express credit cards in order to have an upgrade in accommodations for several nights during our travels.

We spent several months using the cards to meet the minimum spending limits to get the sign-up bonuses, and even used the Citi affiliated cards as our primary card during the trip to rack up a substantial amount of points. 

But does opening four Hilton credit cards, two with a $95/year annual fee, really save you money on a long-term trip? 

Let's find out.

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We know that planning a long-term trip is a lot of work.  We have been on two ourselves in the last four years and even wrote a comprehensive book on the topic to help future travelers get out and enjoy the world.

During those trips we often wished we had someone to bounce ideas off of, get first hand advice from, and have instant recommendations that would help us have a better trip and save money while doing so. Since we did not have that option at the time of our own trips, and we have become experts at planning these massive adventures since founding this site, our concierge service was born!

Xenotes Oasis Maya - A Family Attraction in Cancun

When you're traveling around the Yucatan, there is no shortage of adventure activities, party opportunities, luxury resorts, and Mayan temples.  But what is there to do when you want to get away from all of that and have an experience with nature?  You could easily head to one of the dozens of natural cenotes for a swim, but if you are looking for a secure experience with a hint of adventure, you may want to check out the excursions at Xenotes Oasis Maya.

Wait a Minute, When Did Indianapolis Get Cool?

Downtown IndianapolisOne of the things I was not looking forward to about ending our long-term trip was coming back to Ohio.  It was in our plans to visit our parents for a while, but being here meant that and not much else.  Like most cities in the Midwest, our home town of Dayton, Ohio, never really grew to its full potential like other nearby cities. Throw in the recession and the collapse of many industries and you have a recipe for a place we really don't want to be.

We thought many cities in the Midwest were like this, and never gave many of them a second thought as a tourist destination.  It wasn't until I met a member of the tourist board of Indianapolis, Indiana, who told us that the city was going through a crazy revival and is becoming a pretty cool place, that I heard anything inspiring.

Having lived in Indianapolis for a summer in 2008, I was skeptical.  But she was determined to win me over, and invited us out to see the city for a few days once we were settled back at home.

As it turns out, she was right.  What the heck happened?