6 Of The Best Destinations to Visit Right Now That Were Randomly Pulled From a Hat

Dubrovnik always, always appears on one of these lists.
They often go by different names:

"12 of the Best Places to Visit in 2014"
"42 Undiscovered Destinations to See in 2014"
"5 Hotspots for Food Travelers in 2014"

But when it comes down to it, no matter what these articles do to be different they are all inherently the same.  Publish a list of must sees for the year, and I can assure you that Paris, Florence, or Rio will make the cut (most likely all 3).  Undiscovered gems?  Dubrovnik will be on it 9 times out of 10 but the nearby cruise port of Kotor, Montenegro, will never get a feature.  World's most beautiful cities?  I think a more appropriate title would be "World's Most Visited Cities" because New York City just isn't that pretty.

So I thought I could do better while still using the same strict criteria these popular travel articles have embraced.

I pulled them out of a hat.

16 Photos Of The World's Tallest Palm Trees That Will Make You Feel Small

The world's tallest palm trees of the Cocora Valley, Colombia
Salento, Colombia, may not be on your radar of places to visit, but after you get done with this photo essay we can assure you it will be.

Why? Well, there is one wonder that can only be seen here, and after our visit we can say that the world's tallest palm trees are definitely worth the trip.

Be prepared to feel very small as the 16 photos in this series show off just how massive these palm trees truly are. 

3 Unique Snacks to Try in Quito, Ecuador

So many quesadillas!
Snacking is one my favorite ways to eat, especially when traveling. You get to try a bunch of different dishes and don't have to take a chance on a massive plate of anything in particular. On our recent stay in Quito, Ecuador, we took a snacking oriented food trip with Viator where we sampled traditional baked goods, sweets, and other small plates, and got an insider's look on how these snacks are made.

The following 3 snacks made it onto our list of most unique and most delicious that you must check out during a visit to Quito!

That Time Angie Made Us Stay in a Sex Hotel

Enjoying the surround sound of a half-dozen Colombian men getting it on with their mistresses at a sex hotel was not something I would have put on my bucket list.  

But it happened anyway.

Welcome to your first night in Colombia!