Xenotes Oasis Maya - A Family Attraction in Cancun

When you're traveling around the Yucatan, there is no shortage of adventure activities, party opportunities, luxury resorts, and Mayan temples.  But what is there to do when you want to get away from all of that and have an experience with nature?  You could easily head to one of the dozens of natural cenotes for a swim, but if you are looking for a secure experience with a hint of adventure, you may want to check out the excursions at Xenotes Oasis Maya.

Wait a Minute, When Did Indianapolis Get Cool?

Downtown IndianapolisOne of the things I was not looking forward to about ending our long-term trip was coming back to Ohio.  It was in our plans to visit our parents for a while, but being here meant that and not much else.  Like most cities in the Midwest, our home town of Dayton, Ohio, never really grew to its full potential like other nearby cities. Throw in the recession and the collapse of many industries and you have a recipe for a place we really don't want to be.

We thought many cities in the Midwest were like this, and never gave many of them a second thought as a tourist destination.  It wasn't until I met a member of the tourist board of Indianapolis, Indiana, who told us that the city was going through a crazy revival and is becoming a pretty cool place, that I heard anything inspiring.

Having lived in Indianapolis for a summer in 2008, I was skeptical.  But she was determined to win me over, and invited us out to see the city for a few days once we were settled back at home.

As it turns out, she was right.  What the heck happened?

Regarding The Future of Living the Dream

Jeremy and Angie have some plans.
Our second RTW trip is now over.  I know, I'm sad too. 

Now comes that really awkward period of time where you may be wondering whether this site will go by the wayside like numerous other long-term travel blogs before us.

It may sound silly, but it happens all the time.  A great writer comes on the scene to cover their long-term trip, amasses a rather large following, and disappears for good when their trip is over.  The sad thing is that if you've been around long enough like we have, you can see it coming from a mile away.  Keeping up in this industry means traveling, and for most that means spending a great deal of money that we as independent writers do not have.

So now it is time to answer the inevitable question. Will there be a third long-term trip in Jeremy and Angie's future?  Unfortunately, I am sad to say, the answer is no.

Surprising Food Finds in Indianapolis

Smoked scallops at Cerulean
When Jeremy asked me if I wanted to take a road trip to Indianapolis to explore the city with the tourist board, my first thought was, "Why?"

In my mind, Indianapolis was just another ho-hum midwest city like our hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Then he started explaining how he'd heard the city is undergoing a huge transformation and that there are actually lots of interesting things for people our age to do.

Specifically, when Jeremy mentioned craft breweries and farm-to-table restaurants, my ears pricked up and I decided to give Indianapolis a chance. After eating at some truly unique restaurants, touring a creative brewery, and snacking our way through a lively market, I'm so glad I did! Indianapolis is actually getting pretty cool, and the focus on fresh, local food is a key player in this transformation.