Our RTW Trip Ended - So We Surprised Our Parents on the Way Home! (VIDEO)

The day has finally come, our second long-term trip is now finished. Surprise!  After 465 days on the road we (and our bank account) decided it was time for our journey to end.

We kept this one a secret from everyone for one simple reason- we wanted to get the better of our parents and record it all for your enjoyment! We'd like to invite you to sit back and enjoy this hilarious and heartfelt video after our return to Ohio yesterday.  

Screw Chichen Itza, Go to the Ruins of Uxmal Instead!

When the media talks about the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, it is all Chichen Itza, Chichen Itza, Chichen Itza.  You can hardly read a report about Mexico without this famous site coming up time and time again.

We understand why the hype for these ruins is the way that it is- they are large and incredibly well preserved.  But when such rapid-fire promotion comes out to the world, the crowds are sure to follow.  If you are one of those people who just cannot stand the sight of 50+ tour groups in one day, I'm sorry to say that Chichen Itza may not be for you.

Luckily, the ruins of Uxmal just a few hours away offer a wonderful alternative that we think all visitors to the Yucatan should check out.   (Okay, maybe not all visitors since that would defeat the purpose, but definitely the amazing readers of our blog).

Behind the Scenes of a RTW Trip - Month 15 Travel Review

Angie climbed our favorite pyramid in Mexico at the ruins of Uxmal
Another month has passed by just like that, and with it ends our 15th month on the road.  This is a particularly interesting month for us as we have just passed our predicted number of days on the road (455)!  Will we make it to 500?  Well, you'll just have to stick around and find out because this post is all about recapping our last month on the road!

As with our last report, each month we feature a travel review of the highlights, lowlights, and spending we had during the course of our adventure.  These are provided as a snapshot of what our RTW trip is like for your reference, although we know that every trip is different.  

Learning to Cook Mexican Food in Playa del Carmen

Flambeeing bananas in rompope
After just a few days in Mexico, we knew one thing: we HAD to take a cooking class! Mexican food is so varied, delicious, and unique that we wanted to learn some of the basics so we can try our hand at cooking it at home.

There are three things that we look for in a cooking class: a hands-on experience where you actually get to prepare ingredients and cook yourself rather than just watching a demo by the chef, the opportunity to learn something new rather than just being handed a recipe (whether it's the history of the food, a new cooking technique or skill, the science behind a recipe, etc.), and recipes that are easy enough to repeat at home with the ingredients available to us there.

Co.Cos Cooking Class in Playa del Carmen hit all of these three notes for us, making it one of our favorite cooking classes that we've taken in our past 15 months on the road.