Climbing Through the Trees at TreeTrekkers Frederick

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on July 29, 2020.

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Aerial adventure courses are becoming a popular experience all across the country, and Frederick, Maryland, received their first park in summer 2019- TreeTrekkers Frederick.

During my visit to explore the city, I got a sneak peek at the park just before opening, and in this one want to share a bit more about what you can expect!

TreeTrekkers Frederick Has Courses for All Skill Levels

TreeTrekkers Frederick

One of my favorite parts about TreeTrekkers Frederick is that it is quite large.

There are 11 aerial courses organized via six color-coded designations ranging from purple (very easy- fewer elements and only 8-10 feet off the ground with no ziplines) to black and double black diamond (expert level- nearly 20 elements and up to 50+ feet off the ground). Likewise, red courses are often zipline heavy that are oriented up to 25 feet off the ground.

TreeTrekkers Frederick

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The treetops adventure courses at TreeTrekkers all begin at a central starting off point and work their way around the park before ultimately ending in a zipline to finish the course (although some of the easiest courses may not have a zipline component). From there, an easy to navigate pathway takes you back to the starting point to pick a new course and repeat the fun.

While I was not able to check out every course (some were still under development during my visit), we were also able to get on the zip-line forward course that had roughly a half-dozen ziplines that rushed in between the treetops as opposed to a traditional course where the zip-line is only at the end to allow you to return to the ground.

TreeTrekkers Frederick

This course was one of the most enjoyable as you can soar through the trees with only minimal, easy obstacles in between them.

But beyond simple course fun, we have another reason to love this one- the park is densely packed!

One of the Densest Aerial Courses We've Seen

TreeTrekkers Frederick

While the fact that TreeTrekkers Frederick has courses ranging in difficulty from beginner level to an expert course that makes me second-guess myself, my favorite aspect of the park is not so much any particular course, but rather that the course is densely packed.

Yes, you read that right.

TreeTrekkers Frederick

The courses at TreeTrekkers Frederick are so intertwined and densely packed that you'll likely spend a great deal of time seeing others on nearby obstacles as you tackle your own. I caught myself eyeing other courses throughout most of my exploration, and made me excited to figure out which one that is and try it next.

On the expert level side, I could also see the fairly advanced course high in the trees and instantly knew that simply wasn't for me.

Overall, a ticket to TreeTrekkers Frederick gets you an all-access pass to the courses in the park for a three-hour timeslot (allow an extra hour to arrive early for getting fitted for your harness, training, and safety demos). During your scheduled hours you are free to climb, zip, and explore the park as many times as you want, which offers a great opportunity for adventure, a bit of exercise, and a whole lot of fun in nature.

We can't wait to see more from this park soon!

TreeTrekkers Frederick is located at 9560 Old National Pike Rd in Frederick, Maryland. I visited TreeTrekkers Frederick as part of a media trip with Visit Frederick. As always, all opinions are my own.

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