5 Savannah Breweries to Check Out When Visiting

When it comes to drinking, Savannah sure knows how to do things right. The city seems to pride itself on its drinking scene (among many other historical features, of course) and is one of just a few major cities in the country where the bulk of the historic district allows for open containers.

Yes, you read that right. In the old town of Savannah, you can walk around with a beverage in a plastic container and drink as you please.

But as far as the craft brewery scene is concerned, well, Savannah is only just getting started. During our visit, we were able to make it to five Savannah breweries and wanted to share a bit more about what you can expect in this one!

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4 Shenandoah Breweries to Check Out During Your Stay

When you think of libations in Virginia, odds are good your first thought may be to go to Virginia wineries. While this state has been producing some pretty delicious wines for the better part of five decades, the craft brewery scene here has been growing in recent years as well- so much so that you can make a brewery crawl out of your visit if you wanted!

Naturally, that is exactly what I did.

So in this one, I wanted to share a few of the great craft breweries that you should have on your radar in and around Shenandoah County, Virginia! 

Note: I was hosted by Shenandoah County for part of my trip in Virginia. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Going Deep Into the Earth at Shenandoah Caverns

While it is easy to say that all caves have a long history (they're obviously formed over hundreds of thousands or millions of years even), for most their known history is quite short by perspective- most caves we've been to have only been discovered in the last hundred years or so. Shenandoah Caverns is no different.

This one was discovered by two boys in 1884 while they were playing in a quarry on their farm's property which was being used for the creation of a nearby train line. They discovered cool air coming out of a hole in the ground and, in true 1800's fashion, simply grabbed some rope and candles and lowered themselves into the cave below to explore. 

The boys and their friends would explore the cave more over the years, and in 1922 one of the investors of the train line purchased the land from the family, opened the cave to tourism, and the rest, they say, is history.

I visited this cave in 2021, just one year shy of their 100-year anniversary of opening to the public, and share a bit more of what you can expect when visiting this massive cavern beneath the Earth! 

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5 Hilton Head Breweries to Grab a Local Craft Beer

Whenever we travel, we always make it our mission to hit as many breweries as we can at our destination. Hilton Head, South Carolina, was no different. During our weekend stay, we hit up five Hilton Head breweries and wanted to share a bit about what they're like in this one!

But before we dive into things, we need to step back and toss in a caveat- the island of Hilton Head only has two breweries (and, during our visit, only one was operating as a proper “taproom”- the other only offered cans).

The bulk of the breweries are, in fact, located in and around Bluffton and Ridgeland, SC, and can be reached in roughly 30 minutes depending on which part of the island you are staying on (they make for a great rainy day activity if you need to kill some time).

While we hope that more breweries will open on the island proper in the future, for now, we simply have to note that if you wish to visit most of the ones featured below, you'll have to do so via car as opposed to accessing via the vast bike trail system on the island (so please drive responsibly).

Onward to the breweries!

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