10 of the Best Things to Do in Bar Harbor and Acadia

When it comes to visiting Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, odds are good hiking is on your radar.

But this beautiful stretch of northern Maine is home to far more than simply checking out the trails within Acadia National Park and includes great walks along the harbor, the ability to feast on a ton of great seafood, boat tours, and so much more.

So in this one, we thought we'd share some of the best things to do in Bar Harbor and nearby to get a full experience when visiting!

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What You Need to Know Before Climbing Mount St. Helens

Located in the heart of southwestern Washington, most people have at least heard of this mountain's name; Mount Saint Helens.

This fantastic Pacific Northwest mountain is famous for its eruption back in 1980, but also for the magnificent opportunity that hikers have to climb Mount St. Helens.

It’s quite the thrill to climb up over the ridge and finally say that you’ve stood on the summit of one of the United State’s most well-known peaks.

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Alinea Review – A Must Try Dining Experience in Chicago

Alinea Chicago is a Michelin three-star restaurant located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is one of the most celebrated and innovative restaurants in the world, known for its avant-garde approach to fine dining and its use of modernist cooking techniques.

The restaurant is owned and run by chef Grant Achatz, who has been called one of the most talented and creative chefs in the world. Let this Alinea review be your guide of what to expect when visiting!

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Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park Are a Worthy Duo

When we visited Moab, Utah, we have to admit that our primary goal was to explore Arches National Park and all its brilliant trails.

But since we had an America the Beautiful National Park pass and wanted to see as much beautiful nature as possible, it made sense for us to add on a drive through Canyonlands National Park just about 35 minutes away by car. It wasn't until we arrived that we realized there was yet-another park worth checking out nearby, the much lesser visited Dead Horse Point State Park. 

Since we did not time our visit correctly to add in a visit to Dead Horse on our Canyonlands outing, we returned on a separate day to check this one out (with another 70+ minute round trip drive- whoops). After visiting both, we realized that these two parks would be completely doable on a single visit for those who plan better than we did.

So in this one, we thought we'd share a bit more about what you can see in both parks plus highlight why these two parks make a perfect duo for a day trip from Moab.

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