Sky Rock Sedona Review – A Room With a View

Whenever we travel to a beautiful destination, we almost always attempt to book a room with a view to soak in as much as we can while at the hotel.

In Sedona, this goal led us to Sky Rock Sedona, a newly renovated hotel in the Marriott brand that boasted some incredible views (at prices to match).

While the view at this one was excellent, some layout quirks made this one an interesting, albeit still quite comfortable, stay. When visiting Sky Rock Sedona, a little planning may go a long way here! 

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Tips for the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon

The Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular hikes from the South Rim as it is one of the only few opportunities you have to head down into the canyon proper.

But while the hike does give the chance to enjoy some beautiful scenery, the hike down requires a hike back up, and the climb out of the canyon can be quite intense.

As such, while you can get some gorgeous views, you better be well-prepared when tackling this one- especially during the heat of summer!

Note: Grand Canyon National Park is closing most of the Bright Angel Trail starting December 1st, 2023, for construction. The trail is estimated to open again in mid-April 2024. The connection from Havasupai Gardens to Plateau Point closed in October 2023 for extended construction and is expected to re-open in mid-2025.

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Arizona Biltmore Review – A Grand Stay in Phoenix

When it comes to opulence in Phoenix, it is hard to beat the historic Arizona Biltmore on the outskirts of the city.

This gem, built in 1929, has just about everything we look for in a high-end stay- unique architecture, wonderful amenities, and a history to match.

Although we do have to admit, this one comes at a sufficient price, and is one of those stays we are glad we had hotel credits and credit card perks to enjoy!

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A Complete Guide to Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier (Glacier View)

Matanuska Glacier is a 27-mile beast of a glacier tucked away in Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. It’s the largest glacier accessible by car in the country, but things get even more exciting if you book a tour to walk across this glacial landscape.

Getting up close and personal with this glacier is the best way to explore its blue crevasses and white ice up against the Alaskan wilderness. At about two hours from Anchorage, it’s also a pretty easy day trip from a city you’ll likely visit on Alaska trips anyway.

This guide will share everything about visiting the Matanuska Glacier on your next visit to Alaska, including whether you need to book a tour to make it happen.

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