Lake Twenty Two Makes for a Gorgeous Hike Near Seattle

Lake 22 is a popular, roughly 7-mile hiking trail about an hour northeast of Seattle that offers some stunning views, a gorgeous mountain lake, and more. 

We were fortunate enough to hit this trail when we were visiting Washington and wanted to share a bit more about what to expect on this one. 

To put it bluntly, it is an amazing day trip near Seattle- you just need to be prepared for all trail conditions imaginable!

Note: We've seen the trail name written as Lake 22, Lake Twentytwo and Lake Twenty Two. We use these interchangeably in this post and apologize for any confusion.

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The Summit Lake Hike is a Must See Outside of Seattle

Washington is a gorgeous, gorgeous state (you'll likely find no objections to that by anyone who has visited). During our time in the state, we found so many stunning spaces both in Seattle and out in nature that had us in awe almost everywhere we went.

But one trail stuck out as being the most stunning above all others, and that is The Summit Lake Trail near Carbonado- about two hours outside of Seattle and just a stone's throw away from Mount Rainier.

While you may not be summiting the famous mountain in this one, it does command a pretty impressive view of the mountaintop all the same.

But, as a word of warning, you're going to want to have an SUV to reach the trailhead- the drive in is really the worst part!

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10 Breweries in Portland, Maine, to Try When Visiting

Portland, Maine, is a beer city. There is no doubt about that. It really doesn't take long after arriving that you really begin to appreciate just how many Portland breweries there are, and when you reflect on just how small the city is outright, the scale of the beer scene here is truly impressive.

While we didn't make it to all of the breweries in Portland during our visit, we did hit a good cross-section and share a summary of each in the round-up below!

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Take a Virtual Walk on the Freedom Trail in Boston

If you paid even the slightest attention during your American history classes in school, odds are good you know a bit about Boston's impact on the Revolutionary War and the subsequent founding of our country.

If you forgot your history, well, the Freedom Trail in Boston has you covered with a self-guided walking tour (aptly named the Freedom Trail) through many of the historical sights, landmarks, and buildings. 

In this one, we thought we'd take you on a fun little virtual tour of some of our favorite sights from the Boston Freedom Trail!

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