Kinzua Bridge State Park Should Be on a Pennsylvania Bucket List

One place that has always been on our Pennsylvania bucket list is Kinzua Bridge State Park. This 339-acre park in northcentral PA is famous for one particular reason- it is home to a railway bridge that was once the tallest rail bridge in the world and it was almost completely destroyed by a tornado in 2003!

You don't see a sight like this one every day, and it was a spot we wanted to visit for years.

But there was one problem with why we never did. Kinzua Bridge State Park is remote. Thankfully, we added this one on as a detour from a recent weekend trip, and in this one we want to share a bit more why you really should check this one out sooner rather than later- if you can make the logistics work at least.

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Hiking at the Gorgeous Robert H. Treman State Park Near Ithaca

You've likely heard the expression Ithaca is Gorges before, and when you visit any park in the region it will likely be the first thing that pops into your head. The reason? It really is gorges!

We love hiking through the landscape in and around Ithaca whenever we visit the Finger Lakes, and on a recent trip we hit up a park we've been wanting to check out for quite some time- Robert Treman State Park just south of the city. 

If we could sum this one up quickly it would simply be this- don't wait as long as we did to visit.    

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5 of the Best Places to Enjoy an Adult Drink at Disney World

If you're over 21 and find yourself at Walt Disney World, odds are good at some point during your trip you're going to be craving (or needing) an adult beverage.

While you can satisfy this need at most parks (other than Magic Kingdom, which only sells at sit-down restaurants), you'll quickly come to find that most of the options are, well, not great.

If you are looking for something a bit elevated when drinking at Disney, don't worry, we've got you covered with a few great options we found on our last trip!

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