Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park Are a Worthy Duo

When we visited Moab, Utah, we have to admit that our primary goal was to explore Arches National Park and all its brilliant trails.

But since we had an America the Beautiful National Park pass and wanted to see as much beautiful nature as possible, it made sense for us to add on a drive through Canyonlands National Park just about 35 minutes away by car. It wasn't until we arrived that we realized there was yet-another park worth checking out nearby, the much lesser visited Dead Horse Point State Park. 

Since we did not time our visit correctly to add in a visit to Dead Horse on our Canyonlands outing, we returned on a separate day to check this one out (with another 70+ minute round trip drive- whoops). After visiting both, we realized that these two parks would be completely doable on a single visit for those who plan better than we did.

So in this one, we thought we'd share a bit more about what you can see in both parks plus highlight why these two parks make a perfect duo for a day trip from Moab.

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The America The Beautiful Pass is the Best Deal in the USA

Prior to taking an out west road trip, my brother (who is trying to go to every national park in the country), told us to pick up the America the Beautiful Pass to save money as it is “the best deal in the USA”.

This card, clocking in at $80 per year, gets you entry into every paid national park in the country plus thousands of other sites managed by entities like the National Park Service (NPS) and others.

It took just one trip for this card to pay itself off, and after that we still had 12 months of free access to all of the amazing sites around the country.

I hate to say it, but my brother is right– it really is the best deal in the USA!

So in this one, we thought we'd share more about what all you can get with the pass, planning logistics to keep in mind, and other tips for planning your visit to a national park in the USA!

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Tower Arch is One of Arches NP’s Least Visited Trails

Most trails at Arches National Park in Utah are, for lack of a better word, popular. They are so popular, in fact, that unless you get to the park before permitting hours, odds are good you'll be on the trails with dozens upon dozens of fellow hikers.

But there are still a few trails within the park that most visitors do not attempt, and the trail to Tower Arch is one such hike. We wouldn't be surprised if more than 20 people take the hike on any given day, and that is due to just how remote this particular trail is.

So in this one, let's share a bit more about the Tower Arch hike- what you can see, hiking concerns, and how to get there to begin with!

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How to Get the Most Out of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival

It has been a dream of ours to attend the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado for many, many years. This festival is often considered to be the best bluegrass festival in the world, and many of our favorite musicians are staple performers who love attending just as much as the fans do.

We finally made our dream a reality for 2022's festival, and we sure did learn a lot from our first (and hopefully not only) trip to this western Colorado gem.

So in this one, we wanted to share all the lessons learned from our first trip to the bluegrass festival in Telluride to help you have the best time possible when you go!

Disclaimer: This guide is long and is intended to be a comprehensive resource for all things Telluride bluegrass. That being said, we stayed at an apartment rental in Telluride and did not camp. As such, while we will briefly discuss camping information in this article, we do not have first-hand experience there for any extra insider tips as we do with other topics. 

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