Bar Harbor’s Bar Island Hike is a Must – If You Can Time It

Bar Harbor is a charming little town in Maine that is often used as a base to access the stunning Acadia National Park just a few miles away.

While most visitors stay in Bar Harbor for its park access, there are many great things to do in Bar Harbor that make it a destination to explore on its own right. 

One such attraction is a unique natural element that you may not get to experience anywhere else- the Bar Island hike. This one is only accessible during low tide as the land bridge that connects the island to Bar Harbor town is only safe to cross for just six hours a day- 1.5 hours each before and after low tide.

So to see this one, you may have to do a bit of planning and have some luck on your side for tide schedules, too!

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Platform 18 Review – High-End Cocktails on a Simulated Train

Immersive cocktail bars are becoming all the rage these days, as the ambiance and overall experience of the space are becoming almost as important as the cocktails themselves.

At Platform 18 in Phoenix, you board a smuggler's train trying to elude the authorities and get a high-end cocktail experience in the train's bar car when along for the ride.

This is one of those spots where everything truly comes together to be better than the sum of the parts!

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The Musical Instrument Museum is a Must-See in Phoenix

We are big fans of music, and whenever we travel somewhere featuring a museum dedicated to music in any fashion (be it for an artist, composer, or a single instrument), we are there.

In Phoenix, this led us to the Musical Instrument Museum, considered the largest in the world, with a collection of over 15,000 instruments from nearly 200 countries and regions. 

To say that the Musical Instrument Museum is large is an understatement, and it is truly a must-see when in the area!

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Sky Rock Sedona Review – A Room With a View

Whenever we travel to a beautiful destination, we almost always attempt to book a room with a view to soak in as much as we can while at the hotel.

In Sedona, this goal led us to Sky Rock Sedona, a newly renovated hotel in the Marriott brand that boasted some incredible views (at prices to match).

While the view at this one was excellent, some layout quirks made this one an interesting, albeit still quite comfortable, stay. When visiting Sky Rock Sedona, a little planning may go a long way here! 

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