3 Unique Snack Foods to Try in Quito, Ecuador

Snacking is one my favorite ways to eat, especially when traveling.

You get to try a bunch of different dishes and don't have to take a chance on a massive plate of anything in particular.

On our recent stay in Quito, Ecuador, we took a snacking oriented food trip with Viator where we sampled traditional baked goods, sweets, and other small plates, and got an insider's look on how these snacks are made.

The following 3 snacks made it onto our list of most unique and most delicious foods to try in Quito!

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Royal Balloon Review – Floating Over Cappadocia in a Balloon

Cappadocia is one of those places that everyone should visit during a trip, and is the one place you'll regret most if you skip it.

To say that Cappadocia is an amazing destination is putting it lightly. It is one of the most unique places we have ever traveled to

The rock towers, or “fairy chimneys,” are unlike anything we've seen, and that is without even getting into the underground cities, lush valleys, and other scenery that the region is famous for.

And then there are the Cappadocia hot air balloon trips- the region's crown jewel. It is said that the region is in the Top 10 in the world for ballooning, and it only takes a few photos to understand why.  The fairy chimneys from below are stunning, but from above you get a fresh new perspective into the entire region.

So while you'll regret missing Cappadocia if you skip it on your next trip, it is my unfortunate duty to tell you that you'll hate yourself even more if you skip out on the hot air balloon experience when you are there.  

So when you finally get done convincing yourself to do it, the following is what you are in for.

We were hosted by Royal Balloon for our flight over Cappadocia.

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The Pros and Cons of Vatican Tours at Night

During our travels, it is hard for us to find something that we are overly eager for.

By its nature, our long-term trip is full of so many amazing moments every day that it is hard to rank one experience over another. They're all incredible and make us excited to wake up each morning.

But on our recent visit to Rome we had one that stood out above all others- after hours Vatican tours of the Museums and Sistine Chapel with Walks of Italy.

We've never been on a closed-door museum tour before, and this particular tour only is authorized on select nights of the summer, adding more to its exclusivity.

When you market it like that, you know I'll be excited.

We don't want to give away the secrets of the Vatican museum in this post, those are for you to get on your visit.  Instead, we want to take a look into why an exclusive after-hours tour may be right for you on your next trip.

There are many pros and cons, much like any itinerary, but you'll soon see why a guided tour at this particular museum should be on your wish list the next time you're in Rome.

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Going on a Food Tour with Walks of Italy Florence

Italy is a country with such a rich food culture, and yet sometimes on the tourist trail it can feel like all you see around you are mediocre pizza and pasta joints.

It can be overwhelming or tricky to figure out where to eat and what to eat, and what foods are authentic to the particular region of Italy in which you find yourself (if you’re in Florence, it’s not pizza and pasta).

Luckily, on our recent stay in Florence, we had the opportunity to take a food tour with Walks of Italy Florence where we learned precisely what authentic Florentine cuisine is, and got to try some excellent examples of it.

As with most food tours, the day began in the very early hours of the morning with the request that we come with an empty stomach.  As if the challenge was thrown down, we happily obliged.

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