The Quest for the Perfect Travel Lifestyle Design

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 21, 2019.

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Mauritius sunset

After many years of jumping around between long-term trips and standard vacations when working, we realized we simply are not satisfied.  We want more.

The world is a huge place, and the only way we can experience it all is by traveling as much as possible- much more than we are now.

This begs an important question. Do we take off on another long-term trip for the third time, or do we work to build something more sustainable that would allow us to travel as much as we want, all while still maintaining a home base in the USA?

Naturally, we chose the latter, and our quest for the ideal lifestyle design was born.

The Biggest Problem in Travel Blogging

There is a problem out there in professional travel blogging in that most bloggers who travel perpetually do so on a very limited income. What does this mean exactly? Well, it is incredibly common for a solo blogger to garner a base income with their site, jump around from cheap destination to cheap destination, survive on freebies and comps, and generally do whatever they can just to scrape by on the road.

Ask about insurance, retirement savings, or anything else and you're often met with blank stares.

We have no problem if people want to live like that, but we just can't do it.

What we want to build is something sustainable– one that allows us to live in the USA, travel as much as we want, and also be secured for any hardship that may come our way down the road (including, eventual retirement while still affording to travel). Sadly, this means we need to make much, much more than our colleagues in order to make it happen.

As such, our Lifestyle Design series covers our work to build an online business that helps us achieve our dream of a lifetime of travel.

Sharing Our Adventure to Digital Independence

As we often discuss in the articles below, the amount of money we need to achieve our dream lifestyle with digital independence is a lot ($125,000+ annually for the two of us).  As such, we're prepared for this project to take quite a bit of time as we build our businesses and turn them into the income earners we always dreamed they'd be.

Check out some of the following posts which go into all of the steps we're pursuing in order to meet our income goals and achieve true digital independence.

Income and Traffic Reports

Want to follow along with our journey? Check out our monthly blogging income and traffic report where we share the status of all of our business ventures!

Living Our Dream Lifestyle

When it comes to living our dream lifestyle, we do not want to travel perpetually.  This is what makes us different from most travel writers.  We want to have a home base, enjoy our city, work for ourselves, and, as an extension of all of that, also travel as much as we want.

This means that our ideal lifestyle has far more than travel to it, and also includes cultivating new hobbies, learning new skills, reading books, getting in shape, learning languages, picking up a new instrument, relaxing, and doing a bunch of other cool things in our free time.

The articles below are some of the entries into this facet of our ideal lifestyle design.

Have any questions about our quest into Lifestyle Design and our ideal travel lifestyle? Email [email protected] for more!