Travel Blog Income Report April 2024 – $5,585

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 5, 2024.

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Welcome to the 111th entry into our monthly income and traffic report!

In this monthly update we share our traffic, earning, and spending figures for our blogs from the previous month so you can get a glimpse inside the business of blogging. In addition to sharing these for your use, by publishing our information we are also able to stay on track with our own goals for our business.

Prior to reading, it is worth noting that we feature two blogs in this report (one global travel and one local travel) and our income is based on the combined total of the two. We break down the traffic for each in this report for additional information.

Note: In July 2023, Google switched from Universal Analytics to GA4 reporting. We use custom templates to ensure we are still reporting on page views as our traffic metric; however, it is possible this figure is different slightly from the past.

March 2024 Travel Blog Traffic Report

Travel Blog Traffic Report

Our traffic on Living the Dream for the month of April was roughly 15,000 page views. This was a decrease of 30% on a per day basis from March and a decrease of 60% from April 2023.

April was another depressing month of continued traffic declines, stemming from the Core Update that was still on-going. It does feel like we're back to square one with the traffic we saw at the start of COVID four years ago, and, honestly, it is exhausting to see.

Still, we're going to keep at it because that is what we do. There is a lot of traffic out there from other sources, and we're going to work to tap into that to try and bring the blog back to where it was in previous years.

Local Blog Traffic Report

On the Discover the Burgh front, our traffic in March was approximately 108,500 page views. This was a decrease of 10% on a per day basis from March and a decrease of 35% from April 2023.

Much like our previous month, our local blog is holding on to its traffic and not seeing the growth that we historically see coming into the nice weather of Q2. This shows that we were likely impacted on the Google updates, but not to the extent that other sites have been (so far, at least).

Still, we're down about 35% YOY, and that means we have a lot of ground to recover as we build up to Q3 and Q4.

March 2024 Travel Blog Income Report

Travel Blog Income Report

Our booked income for April was approximately $5,585- down approximately 13% on a per-day basis from March and an decrease of 33% from April 2023. This income was approximately 90% from our local blog and 10% from our travel blog.

The breakdown includes the approximate following:

*CPM Ads: $2,935
*Affiliates: $750
*Facebook Bonus: $300
*Sponsored Content: $1,600

In being firmly in Q2, it is sad to see such a low display advertising number. RPMs are starting to tick up, but our continued drop in traffic has been not so great in terms of increasing our absolute earnings.

Luckily, our affiliate, social bonus, and sponsored content streams are making up for it and we're finally hitting a 1:1 split between ad revenue and everything else (albeit, not from the direction we were hoping for- namely increasing earnings to match our previously higher ad incomes).

Still, we're limping along for now.

April 2024 Expenses

Travel Blog Expense Report

Our dedicated blog expenses* for the month of April were roughly $376 with the following breakdown:

*Advertising: $226
*Programs: $150

Much like in March, we have cut our spending considerably down to almost our bare bones level. In fact, due to changing social media reach (that is to say, no longer really being able to reach your own audience and instead only reach “suggested” people), we're done paying for advertising on most major social networks, too.

As such, starting in May our spending will be pretty low with only critical services being paid for unless we find new advertising outlets that aren't completely pointless like the way Facebook, Instagram, etc. have become.

If those networks want advertising money, they need to return to being worth putting in advertising money. Right now, the absolutely are not.

*We do not share our travel/local expenses in this report. This can be anywhere from $100-$3,000+ per month extra, but your mileage may vary as the costs to generate content can vary wildly from blog to blog. We strive to only share true blog operating expenses here.

May 2024 Goals

April continued the decline we saw from the March core update, so we are pivoting for May- hard.

I've been working on a local guidebook for my city blog over the last six months and have always treated it like a passive project that will finish when I get to it. May is the month where I, hopefully, get to it. We are into formatting now, and hopefully by the end of the month I will have my formatted draft finished plus a short list of places I need to visit before testing printing.

The other work I want to do this month is to finish my second certification that I've been putting off for about a year. This will help me get more active work in the city and reduce my reliance on advertising, but is still going to be a few months before it is realized. Still, if I can sit for the exam before the end of the month I'd take that.

Finally, I'm going to be focusing more on social media (e.g. Reels/TikTok) to grow those accounts and perhaps make more income in sponsored/bonus campaigns too.

Phew, it is going to be busy, but the diversification will be worth it in the long run.

Looking For Past Reports?

Unlike other websites that host an article series on this topic, we only have one article for our travel blog income and traffic reports.

We do this for a number of reasons, but it is mostly because we do not want dozens upon dozens of posts on our site on this one specific topic. Over time, the monthly details become irrelevant and trends are the only thing that matters.

To compensate for this, we update this article every month based on our current data and publish a graphical summary of previous months as well. If you have any questions about data from a specific month we are happy to share more details via email if you contact us.

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