Should You Visit Denali or Take an Alaskan Cruise?

Alaska is the largest state in the USA and is roughly 2 1/2 times larger than the second largest state, Texas.

With it size comes a vast area for visitors to explore, and over the years two parts of the state have become the most frequently visited- southeastern Alaska (explored via a cruise) and central Alaska in Denali National Park (explored via packaged tours or DIY).

We recently visited both on a combination trip, and while we were there a thought occurred to us: not everyone can make it on both a cruise and to Denali.

After thinking about it for quite some time and experiencing both parts of the state on our journey, we realized that if we were poised to only do one of the two major trips we would have had a hard time picking one over the other.

In this guide, we want to highlight the differences between the two in case you find yourself in the position of only being able to do one!

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Go for the Buffet of Buffets in Las Vegas – 24 Hours of Eating

This post may contain out-of-date information as some buffets have since closed.

The Buffet of Buffets is an interesting concept in the food scene on the Las Vegas strip. Not from being a new upscale restaurant or novelty dining experience, but rather being one of the most gluttonous events one can attempt throughout the entire city. 

After hearing such rave reviews of the experience, we had to go check it out. So we picked up our Las Vegas buffet passes and went to town, literally! 

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The Alamo Mission in San Antonio May Be Best Enjoyed Outside

The history of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio is one of the pivotal points of American history, especially in Texas. 

We all know the story. 

In early 1836 Mexican troops launched a siege on the Alamo mission in what is now modern-day San Antonio. All Texas troops were killed during the assault, but the defeat rallied the rest of the region into ultimately defeating the Mexican troops just over a month later. 

What remains of the site today is one of the most visited sites in all of Texas, with the ruins of the Alamo being quite preserved in the last 177 years. 

Of course, when I found out I was going to San Antonio, I knew that visiting this site would be at the top of my list. But after I decided to visit the Alamo, I realized that going was almost a waste of my time.

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5 Things that Make the Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour Unique

Jack Daniel's is an iconic whiskey distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, that is a sort of pilgrimage site for those who love whiskey.

We made the journey to Lynchburg while attending a travel writer's conference in Huntsville, Alabama, and took a tour of the facility with whiskey tasting at the end. During which we found a number of interesting things that made this tour unique compared to other distilleries we've visited in the region.

We wanted to share those with you today.

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