Vieques Bioluminescent Bay – Tips for the Best Experience

Are you traveling to Vieques for a vacation? Great! You're going to absolutely love this little Puerto Rican paradise just off the coast of the main island.

But while you're exploring the stunning Vieques beaches during your stay, one thing you absolutely must do (and I'm not giving you an option here), is to experience the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay (Mosquito Bay). This wonder of nature is so stunning that we did a tour not once, but twice during our stay on the island and we are certainly glad that we did.

It would be easy for us to say book it, do it (twice), and thank us later, but there are some things you really should know about this attraction before your visit to get the best out of it. Today, we want to share those tips.

Note: This post sadly does not contain photos as it is impossible to photograph the bio bay. Vieques is the perfect place to see them, but it is not the easiest to capture with a camera- but we're going to describe it for you anyway!

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9 of the Best Puerto Rican Beaches to Visit on Vieques

There are many Puerto Rican beaches to choose from during a visit to the island. But those who are looking for the very best should head over to territory's smaller island of Vieques as they are home to some of the region's best!

We'll be the first to admit that some of the Vieques Beaches are had to come by.

But don't worry, we checked them all out during our five-day visit, and after our exploration of the island we have come to the conclusion that these nine are the very best that cannot be missed.

So jump in your 4-wheel drive Jeep and hit these awesome beaches during your visit to Vieques. You won't regret it!

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail – A Three Day Guide to Pack it All In

The bourbon trail in Kentucky is a pilgrimage spot for those who love this amazing spirit. Being bourbon lovers ourselves, we finally got the chance to visit the region to check out some of our favorite distilleries as well as others we've always wanted to try.

During our visit we stayed for four nights, three days, and learned a lot about what goes into planning a good bourbon trail itinerary. As such, we wanted to share all those tips with you in our three day bourbon trail guide!

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Finger Lakes Attractions – The Best Museums in the Region

When visiting an area with such natural beauty like the Finger Lakes, you might not think about spending time indoor at museums- especially with the area's reputation as a grape-growing region with tons of wineries.

But as we found out during our recent visit, you can only drink so much wine, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.

We ended up spending a good amount of time in several of the region's museums, and what we found was that these museums are much more than just places to fill the time: they are attractions in their own right.

These four museums run the gamut from quirky to unique to world-class, and we highly recommend setting aside time to check them out when you visit the Finger Lakes.

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