Finger Lakes Attractions – The Best Museums in the Region

When visiting an area with such natural beauty like the Finger Lakes, you might not think about spending time indoor at museums- especially with the area's reputation as a grape-growing region with tons of wineries.

But as we found out during our recent visit, you can only drink so much wine, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.

We ended up spending a good amount of time in several of the region's museums, and what we found was that these museums are much more than just places to fill the time: they are attractions in their own right.

These four museums run the gamut from quirky to unique to world-class, and we highly recommend setting aside time to check them out when you visit the Finger Lakes.

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Republica del Cacao Chocolate Tasting – An Ecuadorian Treat

A Chocolate Tasting fit for a King

For those who know me, you should know that I love chocolate.

My addiction has little to no limits and when I visit a country known for its chocolate, I'll go all out. In knowing this, it should be no surprise that our recent trip to Ecuador ended up with us trying over 20 chocolate bars during our exploration of the country.

After trying some of the country's best, we also purchased another 50 to send home for later consumption.

Out of all of the brands that we tried, there was one that we knew we were not giving a fair shake: Republica del Cacao. We could only try a few bars from this particular company as, by Ecuadorian standards (and even some American standards for premium chocolate), they are a bit pricey at upwards of $6 per bar.

Well, it turns out that Republica del Cacao read our review, and asked if we would be interested in trying some more bars to give their chocolate a second chance. Being a chocolate addict, it was hard to say no.

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Nepal Momo Recipe Straight from Nepal

Momos: fun to say, and even more fun to eat. While we've tried our share of dumpling-like foods around the world, Nepalese momos are definitely one of our favorites.

The filling can range from spiced meat to cheese to vegetables, and they can be steamed, fried, or steamed and then pan fried. The dipping sauces they're served with are equally varied- I don't think we had the same sauce twice!

These snacks were pure comfort food for us at tea houses on the trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp, so we knew we had to pay them homage when we returned home.  

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5 of the Best Things to Do on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

View of Lake Titicaca

Our Bolivian itinerary on our around the world trip had us moving from the bustling, loud, polluted city of La Paz to the peaceful town of Copacabana, Bolivia. We found serenity on Lake Titicaca as well as plenty of things to do; our time there was a perfect mix of hiking, immersing ourselves in local culture, and napping in hammocks. 

If you find yourself in this part of the world on your next adventure, be sure to try these five great things to do on Lake Titicaca!

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