7 of the Best Portuguese Food and Drinks to Try

It doesn't take long after arriving in Portugal to realize that this is a food country. We knew a bit of this going in, but to be honest the sheer scale of Portugal's vibrant food scene required us to visit to fully comprehend it. There is reading that it is a food country, and then there is experiencing it for yourself.

From the seafood dishes along the coast to the rich meat-centric meals inland, the vibrant wine country, and some pretty stellar national dishes, we found ourselves gorging and drinking copiously every chance we got.

While it is entirely possible to visit Portugal and never have the same meal twice during an extended visit, in this one we thought we would share a few of the highlights that you absolutely cannot miss (and may want to consider eating many times over)!

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DOC Review – Fine Dining in the Douro Valley of Portugal

Dining options in the Douro Valley are limited if you're not staying in one of the town centers, but DOC is one of the saving graces of the area. Set along the Douro River about midway between the towns of Peso da Regua and Pinhao, DOC offers tasting menus and a la carte options from Michelin-starred Chef Rui Paula.

While it took us a bit of a drive to reach this one (nearly 45 minutes from our quinta, in the pitch-black night), it was worth it to have such a lovely dining experience in the wine region.

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The Yeatman Review – A Simply Flawless Prix Fixe Dinner in Porto

The Yeatman, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal, provides a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience. From the elegant pre-dinner drinks and snacks in the bar area to the over-the-top plating and molecular gastronomy techniques, to the “kitchen snack,” the surprises and delights during our meal at The Yeatman were unlike any other restaurant we've ever been to.

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Marriott Fontecruz Lisboa Review – A Gem in Lisbon

As of 2022, the Fontecruz Lisboa looks like it is no longer associated with the Marriott brand. As such, our review may not be as accurate if any major changes have been made since our stay.

When it comes to hotels in major cities, we often find our experiences to be hit or miss as it is hard to balance prime location, price, and amenities.

A great room, with a stellar location, often comes at a high price. A cheaper room with a stellar location may be lacking in amenities. Or you have a great room with a stellar price point, but have to make a sacrifice on location to meet a budget.

At the The Marriott Fontecruz Lisboa, we felt like we got all three right in the heart of Lisbon. We really couldn't have asked for much more at this one!

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