Zilte Review – A High-End Lunch Experience in Antwerp

Zilte is a three-Michelin-star fine dining restaurant in Antwerp with stunning views and an emphasis on seafood dishes. Prix fixe menus are on offer here, with different numbers of courses available depending on whether you're dining at lunch or dinner, and the day of the week.

We went for lunch instead of dinner at Zilte, which is a strategy we've used several times to experience Michelin-starred restaurants at a slightly more affordable price point. As we dined in winter, another pro of lunch instead of dinner was having enough daylight to enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the MAS building- including an absolutely stunning sunset at the end!

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7 Swedish Foods You Absolutely Must Try When Visiting

We have to admit, before our recent trip to Sweden, the country hadn't really been on our minds as a culinary destination. In fact, we have to admit that we did not know much about Swedish food at all!

But after dining at many truly delicious restaurants with a wide range of styles, and trying lots of new types of foods, we can safely say we are converts. Here are seven unique foods we had while in Sweden that you should make an effort to try on your trip!

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Learn Why Zanzibar is The Spice Island on a Spice Farm Tour

One of our top priorities for our recent trip to Zanzibar was a spice farm tour. Even if you're not obsessed with cooking and gardening like we are, a spice farm tour is a great way to get a feel for this important aspect of Zanzibar's history and its distinguished Spice Island nickname.

There are a myriad of options for these types of tours, but they are all very similar and take place on one of the farms just to the northeast of Stone Town.

We hired a driver and booked our spice farm tour through our hotel, but numerous companies offer these types of tours along with transportation. We stayed on Jambiani beach and our driver took us to Bahama Spice Farm where we were greeted by our tour guide. We soon learned that this spice farm wasn't actually a farm (none of the tourist experiences take place on true farms), but more of a demonstration garden for tourists. That said, the area was beautiful, lush, and amazing.

So let's dive into what the experience is like once you arrive!

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The Rock Zanzibar Review – Most Famous Zanzibar Restaurant

The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania, provides a unique dining experience like no other. Situated on top of a rocky outcropping adjacent to Pingwe beach, during high tide the restaurant appears to float in the water. During our recent visit to Zanzibar we knew we had to experience a meal at this restaurant.

While the experience itself was hit-or-miss due to small portions for the price and average service, we're still really glad to have visited this unique restaurant in Zanzibar!

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