Looking for Blog Marketing Tips? You Better Start Advertising

Page Views on Travel Blogs

Learning how to become one of the best travel bloggers is often a lesson in what not to do, as the formula for blog marketing is not identical for bloggers (even in the same niche). In the past nine years since founding this site I can safely say that I know a lot on that topic. So much so that if there would be a master in the topic of what not to do, it would be me.

Through the trial-and-error process of launching several travel blogs over the years, with most of them ultimately failing, there is only one thing that has helped us start a blog from nothing to the next big thing.  It is simply this: social advertising.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Zip Line – An Incredible Rush

Rylei zip lining

Traveling has been wonderful so far, but it’s been decidedly lacking something. I’ve been learning through classes, trying new foods, and being insanely lazy. It’s been the last part that has been the problem. This trip was meant to be about getting out of my comfort zone and being adventurous.

When I crossed the border to Costa Rica, it immediately became apparent that this was the country where I could get my adrenaline fix. Zip-lining, white-water rafting, canopy trekking, bungee jumping. Ok, scratch that last one. Even on a bottle of Valium, that’s not happening in this lifetime.

I'll stick to the rest, as well as Costa Rica chocolate, and be just fine.

But there was one activity I wanted to try above all others, and that was the Monteverde cloud forest zip line.

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7 Things Only Available at All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

Resort Pool

A few months ago we published a post entitled 7 Things to Do in the Yucatan Region of Mexico Not at an All-Inclusive.  This post was to try and clear up the misconception that the Yucatan is all party resorts where people go to eat, drink, and swim in a nice pool.

Although I'm thoroughly convinced that there are tons of amazing things to do in the Yucatan that does not require being at a Cancun all inclusive (we spent three weeks there without running out of things to do outside of the resorts), our time also enjoying all-inclusives during our visit opened our eyes up to a completely different world.

What can you do in the Yucatan while staying at an all-inclusive? The following were seven of our favorites that may help you when planning where to stay in Cancun!

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Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua – Because, Why Not?

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Originally, I had planned to start my world trip in Nicaragua because every time I googled adventure activities, Nicaragua always seemed to have something to offer. The most obvious and unique of which is volcano boarding.

I saw it on CNN, on blogs, on wanderlust lists.

I added it to my list, because why not? Sitting on a metal board whilst flying at reckless speeds down an active volcano will be a wonderful story to tell the grandkids. If I lived.

Volcano boarding is offered up in Leon, the old colonial capital city of Nicaragua. I booked a couple nights at Bigfoot Hostels, the main operator in town. It’s a party hostel, and while I am definitely getting sick of the party atmosphere barely two weeks into my trip, I liked the idea of going in a big crowd.

There are a couple other outfits in town who do the tour at a slightly cheaper price and a much smaller group if you don’t like a big boisterous crowd of hungover twenty-somethings at 9 in the morning.

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