Travel Blogging Niches – Are City Blogs the Next Big Thing?

Downtown Pittsburgh

Since returning home from our long-term trip, we've been brainstorming a number of business ideas that we could pursue from home. As much as we love sharing our international travel stories here, which we plan on doing for a long time to come, we needed to do more in order to meet our income goals and achieve financial independence.

One of the ideas we had was launching a new travel blog focusing on a specific city. After researching the idea further we realized that the potential for these style of websites in the travel niche is far greater than anything we could do with this global travel blog, and Discover the Burgh was born.

Like general travel blogging, running a city blog does have its pitfalls. You have to be active in the city. A lot

This means frequently going out to restaurants, trying every attraction there is, and spending a lot of money before you may bring that back in. It may sound a little daunting, but this one came easy to us.

We were going to do that anyway.

So other than enjoying the city you live in, why should you consider launching a city blog and why did we do it in Pittsburgh?  These are the questions truly worth answering.

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Corning Museum of Glass – A Must See Museum in New York

One of my favorite exhibits at the Glass Museum

The Finger Lakes region of New York is not all about wine, even though Finger Lakes wineries are one of the major reasons we visted. To find out what else this amazing part of the state has to offer we spent quite a bit of time away from the vineyards to explore the nearby cities and museums.

The city of Corning, just south of Seneca Lake, is not famous for wine.  This city is home to one of the largest glass producers in the country as well as one of the largest glass museums you'll ever see.

We may be raving about the wine in the Finger Lakes just like everyone else, but this particular museum truly was the highlight of our visit.

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The Inca Trail Broke Me – So I Quit

Ruins in Peru

I quit. Only one day into the four day classic Inca Trail, the world famous trek, I quit and turned around. Normally I'd expect to feel regret or a sense of failure, but for me, it was the best decision I've ever made.

To be honest, the only reason I signed up for the Inca Trail – eight months in advance – was based on the word of people I'd met and bloggers who had done it. Everyone everywhere claimed this could not be missed.

To arrive at Machu Picchu without walking there was sacrilege. I'm missing the gene that makes walking and running fun, so I'm always cursing myself for signing up for these treks a few hours into them. The Inca Trail would turn out to be no different, but also way worse.

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Things to Do in Banos, Ecuador – Paragliding

Paragliding in Ecuador

I always sort of panic when people start giving me instructions for tandem extreme activities. When I first went skydiving a few years ago, I remember wondering wildly if I missed a step would we crash to the ground, life flashing by my eyes?

As the paragliding instructor in Banos, Ecuador, drilled into me a bunch of instructions, I had similar thoughts. Wasn't I paying a professional here to do it for me, thus negating the likelihood of plummeting to my death?

I struggled to pay attention to the seemingly endless number of steps. Run forward, run backward, run forward. Put your arms this way, then that way.

No, never that way.

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