Don’t Start a Travel Blog, Start a City Blog

Downtown Pittsburgh

Over the years we have worked on many projects in the travel world to try and get our name out there and earn a living from our work.   Out of all of the projects we've worked on, this site- a global travel blog focused on long-term travel, and our newest site Discover the Burgh– a local blog for the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have grown the most.

The interesting thing about these two blogs is not their differences in how we run them.  To be honest, we run them almost entirely on the same business model.  What makes them unique is that the potential for growing and earning revenue on our local blog far eclipses anything we've been able to achieve with our global site.

As such, we wanted to share some of our thoughts today as to why that is, and what you need to consider when launching a local blog of your own to try and get into this (relatively) untapped marketplace.

Let others chase down the global marketplace all they want- city blogging is the next big thing.

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Exploring Rapa Nui – Easter Island in Five Days

I had been excited to visit Easter Island ever since I scored an amazing deal with airmiles and booked a $22 round trip flight to the island eleven months in advance. While it did not go exactly as I had imagined, the sights and history make Easter Island a wonderful destination to visit.

Though the population hovers just below 6,000 full time inhabitants, I struggle to imagine where they all are and what they do. The island is tiny, and its main town seems even smaller. Judging by the sheer amount of tourists on the plane ride over from mainland Chile, I had expected it to be a bustling tourists’ paradise.

Instead I found a handful of restaurants and shops and then very little but vast open spaces, twisting badly maintained roads, and hundreds of Moai. (For more photos of the Moai, click the previous link.)

Many people cautioned me that five full days on the island would not be enough to see everything, but I struggle to see how anyone stays there longer. I accomplished my whole list of things to see in about two or three days and just relaxed the rest of it.

Here's what I did to fill my time on the island.

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Finger Lakes Attractions – The Best Museums in the Region

When visiting an area with such natural beauty like the Finger Lakes, you might not think about spending time indoor at museums- especially with the area's reputation as a grape-growing region with tons of wineries.

But as we found out during our recent visit, you can only drink so much wine, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.

We ended up spending a good amount of time in several of the region's museums, and what we found was that these museums are much more than just places to fill the time: they are attractions in their own right.

These four museums run the gamut from quirky to unique to world-class, and we highly recommend setting aside time to check them out when you visit the Finger Lakes.

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The Uncomfortable Side of Travel

Crater Guide on Easter Island

When I first announced I was taking a solo tour of the world, friends and family alike were concerned. At barely 5’4” and under a hundred pounds, my tiny size and gender had everyone frowning about what could go wrong.

I waved off their concerns and set off anyway. Now with more than a half dozen Central and South American countries under my belt, I can easily say I've felt safe and ignored almost everywhere I've been.

Easter Island has been the sole exception to this.

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