5 Things to Do on Silhouette Island in the Seychelles

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 23, 2023.

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Silhouette Island in the Seychelles was one of our favorite destinations when visiting the country. But as this one is known as primarily being the home of the Hilton Labriz (the only resort on the island), the two are often discussed interchangeably. 

If you are considering a visit to this one and are looking for what all the island has to offer, we've got a few great options for you!

Look for Wildlife in the Water

Stingray in the Water

At this point in my life as a travel blogger, the phrase crystal clear water and white sand beaches has been mentioned more times than I care to remember. Sometimes this is accurate, other times it is not.

At Silhouette Island, however, I think this phrase is an understatement. The beach here is one of the finest white sand beaches we've ever visited, and the giant boulders that can be found throughout add a nice visual element you don't see just anywhere.

But instead of simply saying “enjoy the beach” and leaving it at that, what we really liked about Anse La Passe (the main beach at the Hilton) is that we were able to look at wildlife without snorkeling. Yes, you read that right. We could just walk into the water and see fish and other creatures while standing in only two or three feet of water.

Eel at Silhouette Island

One day we saw a group of people in the water looking down, taking photos, and rushed in to find out a giant stingray was sitting there. It was there for quite some time that people were guessing it was protecting its young from other fish, but we never were able to verify.

In another instance, we reached a stretch of beach just outside of the main strip that had a number of rocks in the water and found an eel hunting a school of fish. It would chase the fish in and out of the rocks and snatch one that made a wrong turn.

Again, all without snorkeling- the water was that clear!

Hike to Secluded Beaches

Anse La Passe Silhouette

Although the Hilton Labriz is a moderately large resort, we actually found it quite easy to get completely alone even just by walking a few minutes north on Anse La Passe beyond where the spa area is.

That being said, we also highly recommend taking a few of the hikes on the island to get even more isolated with the backdrop of yet-another gorgeous Seychelles beach.

Beach near La Cimetiere

The easiest hike is to La Cimetiere along the south side of the island (the starting point is reached in just about 10 minutes via bike). As you pass along the dirt trail you'll see a sign to Point Ramasse Tout and take a rocky hike up and over a hill with some stunning views ending in a gorgeous beach.

*Note: We're not 100% sure if La Cimetiere is the official name for this beach, but this is how it was referenced when we visited.

A second hike is also open to reach Anse Mondon on the northern tip of the island, but sadly we lost our way and a pending thunderstorm made us turn around. This trail gets quite muddy and is difficult to hike on when wet!

view from the hike to La Cimetiere

For more hikes, the Hilton offers guided half and full-day nature walks that also end up at the beaches. These trails go up and over the center of the island, and are not the greatest to hike on your own- so we could definitely see the paid tours as an alternative option if you have the time.

No matter what you do, the hotel asks that you tell the front desk that you're going out in case of an accident. It really can be that isolated!

Visit the Conservation Center

Turtles at the Conservation Center

Near the jetty on Silhouette Island is a small conservation center where you can learn a bit more about the island, its protected status, and more- great for a quick stop with the Hilton's bikes (especially if heading out for a hike as mentioned above).

If you're lucky they may even have baby turtles on hand to see as well! The concierge at the Hilton should be aware if the center does and is open during your visit, so we recommend checking there first.

Enjoy the Restaurants and Hotel Amenities

Pool at the Hilton Labriz Silhouette

As Silhouette Island has become synonymous with the Hilton Labriz (and vice versa), we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't mention that the resort itself is one of the perks of visiting. (Read our full Hilton Labriz review here.)

Much like most resorts, the Hilton Labriz boasts a stunning pool, watersports, numerous bars, and many themed restaurants that are worth trying. For those who have Hilton Diamond, the resort is also offered us numerous bonus amenities like free bike rentals, free kayaks, discounts at the spa (a must- a gorgeous space), and a special premium breakfast where we were often the only people dining.

Curry at Grann Kaz

As far as restaurants are concerned, a meal at Grann Kaz is a must. It is set in a plantation house that was once home to the former owners of the island. Aside from the fact that the ambiance is hard to beat, the restaurant offers traditional menu items including seafood and curry dishes that were among the best we had while visiting and we wish we could've gone back a second time over some of the more conventional dining options (just be sure to book your dinner reservations as soon as you arrive!).

Relax in Style

Free hats during our stay

While the Hilton Labriz is a large resort, we quickly found out that it is possible to feel absolutely secluded virtually everywhere we went beyond the restaurants and the main pool (and not just on the hiking trails as mentioned above).

Hilton Labriz Garden Suite with Pool

Our garden villa with private plunge pool was completely fenced off with the back “garden” being blocked in by one of the monster boulders the Seychelles are famous for. Between lounging indoors in the villas monster tub, on the many outdoor seats, the pool, or the hammock, we enjoyed our room with tranquility.

How to Get to Silhouette Island

Ferry to Silhouette Island

Most visitors to Silhouette Island stay at the Hilton Labriz (where we stayed) as the hotel has access to the longest stretch of beach and most of the island's amenities. Many visitors believe that this is the only resort on the island, but there is also a small lodge and restaurant near the docks, La Belle Tortue Lodge, that is also open for visitors but only has a few rooms.

The most common option for reaching Silhouette Island is via the private shuttle boat from Bel Ombre on Mahe at the Hilton Labriz jetty. During our visit, a round trip transfer was 125 euro per person and all check-in matters for the Hilton were handled at the jetty on Mahe. For those who have serious cash to burn through, helicopter transfers can also be arranged.

As most of the island's popular attractions are on or near resort property, and ferries are quite expensive, day trips are not recommended (and we're not even sure how feasible that would be in the first place).

Things to do on Silhouette Island

To book a room at the Hilton Labriz, click here. To book a room at La Belle Tortue Lodge, click here. Please note we have not stayed at La Belle Tortue Lodge and amenity reference/island access in this post is purely based off of our stay at the Hilton.

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