5 of the Best Bars in Mexico City’s Roma Norte (and Nearby)

When we decided to visit Mexico City, we knew we would be imbibing an absurd amount of mezcal and tequilas. These spirits are synonymous with Mexico and, to be fully honest, the best stuff rarely ever leaves the country.

So when we arrived at our apartment in Roma Norte, we knew that we had to explore nearby to find some of the best bars in Mexico City that use the country's most iconic spirits.

As it turns out, the area in and around Roma Norte is a hotspot for amazing cocktail bars, mezcal bars, and even some great spots for another prized alcoholic beverage, pulque, and we really got our fill.

So in this one, we thought we'd share five of the best bars in Mexico City that we tried, all located within walking distance of Roma Norte proper!

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Pujol Review – Truly Superb Dining Experience in Mexico City

Pujol is one of the most sought-after dinner reservations in Mexico City. Chef Enrique Olivera's restaurant has landed on all sorts of “best of” lists, including The World's 50 Best Restaurants, and his work has helped put Mexico City on the map as a fine dining destination.

Seeing as reservations open a year in advance, and our trip to Mexico City was somewhat last-minute, we initially didn't think we were going to be able to experience this institution. However, after obsessively checking the reservations for cancellations every day we were in Mexico City, we finally scored a dinner reservation one afternoon for that same evening. (Read more about how we got Pujol reservations here.)

There are a couple of dining options at Pujol, include a taco omakase experience at the bar, and a la carte or prix-fixe menu options in the main dining room. We were lucky enough to score a spot in the main dining room and knew we had to go for the prix-fixe option. At about $130 USD for seven courses in early 2022, the prix-fixe option is definitely a great value compared to these types of dinners in the US or Europe, for example.

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Culinary Backstreets Mexico City Review – Ultimate Food Tour

We firmly believe you can get to know a city best through its food, and that is especially true of Mexico City- the country's capital and one of the largest cities in the world.

As visiting Mexico City can be, in a word, daunting (even for the most experienced traveler), we decided to take a food tour of the Centro Historico with Culinary Backstreets on our very first day in the city (check it out here). Part of this was to get a feel for the bustling historic center and, more importantly, to start our trip off right with an absurd amount of food.

It was the best decision we made in Mexico.

So in this one, we thought we'd share more about what this food tour was like. To start, we need to set the stage for one rule you need to know upfront: go hungry. You won't be wanting to eat the rest of the day after this one.

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7 Tacos in Mexico City You Absolutely Must Try

We were told that in Mexico City, anything can be a taco. It didn't take long after arriving to find out how true that was.

Apart from enjoying meals at dedicated taquerias, it seemed like tortillas just came out everywhere we dined the way bread comes out in other countries. Want to make a taco out of your vegetables? You can do that. Want to make a taco out of your protein? Yep, that too.

In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of meals we had in Mexico City where tortillas didn't come out, and that really speaks to how prevalent the taco is in this city.

So I went on a quest to eat as many tacos as possible in our nine-day visit and ended up with a final tally of 61.5 tacos (Angie and I split one). So in this one, I wanted to share a few taco styles you absolutely cannot miss when visiting Mexico City and, when applicable, give a few great restaurant recommendations as well!

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