A Guide to Travel in Mexico City – What to See, Do, Eat

The following is a guest post from Claire's Footsteps.

I consider Mexico City to be one of the most underrated places that I have ever visited. The capital is one of the largest cities in the world, with a fascinating history spanning from ancient empires, through the Spanish invasion, to the present-day melting pot that is the heart of all things Mexican.

Yet, many travellers don’t travel in Mexico City due to fears of its safety. While I’m not going to pretend that the city and country are crime-free, most tourists to both have a hassle-free stay, and it is very easy to avoid being a victim of crime here.

I personally lived in Mexico City as a teenager and have re-visited a few times as an adult, and have loved the place a little more every time. So, if you are thinking about visiting Mexico City for the first time, here are my recommendations of things to see and do, as well as where and what to eat. Enjoy!

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7 Things Only Available at All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

Resort Pool

A few months ago we published a post entitled 7 Things to Do in the Yucatan Region of Mexico Not at an All-Inclusive.  This post was to try and clear up the misconception that the Yucatan is all party resorts where people go to eat, drink, and swim in a nice pool.

Although I'm thoroughly convinced that there are tons of amazing things to do in the Yucatan that does not require being at a Cancun all inclusive (we spent three weeks there without running out of things to do outside of the resorts), our time also enjoying all-inclusives during our visit opened our eyes up to a completely different world.

What can you do in the Yucatan while staying at an all-inclusive? The following were seven of our favorites that may help you when planning where to stay in Cancun!

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7 Things to Do Outside of a Cancun All Inclusive Hotel

Akumal Beach

We've all heard the stories- Cancun is synonymous with spring breakers and all-inclusive resorts. I grew up with this mindset for so long that I never really considered the Yucatan as a destination to visit purely because neither of those travel styles really stood out to me. It took several years, but when I finally made it to the Yucatan I found a plethora of activities that were so far removed from the party and resort crowd that I was upset that I didn't consider visiting earlier.

If you do it right, you can avoid all of the stereotypes that come with the Yucatan and have an incredible experience. During our travels around the Yucatan, we found seven stellar attractions you may be interested in checking out if you are looking to get away from the resort mindset. (Or, if you are interested in staying at a resort, we have seven reasons why you should here!)

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Are Tacos al Pastor the Perfect Food?

Halfway through our long-term trip, we asked the question: “Are Greek gyros the perfect food?” For gastronomy-focused travelers like ourselves, finding what we consider to be the perfect food has always been the ultimate goal when we dine out.

For many months after publishing that post, we continued traveling the world and ate many unique and authentic meals that were absolutely worth the trip.  But none of them topped the gyro (or even came close, for that matter). 

It wasn't until we hit the last country of our long-term trip, Mexico, that we found a contender in the form of tacos al pastor.

After the first bite, we realized something interesting- these two meals are identical in almost every way.

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