9 of the Best Stockholm Restaurants, Bakeries, and Cafes

If you're like us, you may not have given Swedish food much thought before. Sure, they have great ingredients like seafood and reindeer to work with, but we didn't go to Sweden expecting to try so many new flavors and dishes and have our minds blown. Perhaps this was on us, or maybe it is just poor coverage of Sweden's rich food scene globally, but either way, we left with our minds blown on all things Swedish cuisine!

We found interesting and delicious food everywhere we went from tiny eclectic bars in hipster neighborhoods to traditional-leaning spots in tourist-heavy Old Town. So in this one, we wanted to share some of our favorite coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants in Stockholm!

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Bougainville Amsterdam Review – Prix Fixe Dining Delight

Bougainville is a one-Michelin-star restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam near Dam Square. Located in Hotel TwentySeven, the restaurant has a trendy vibe, excellent service, great wine pairings, and prix fixe as well as a la carte menu options.

Compared to some other Michelin-starred restaurants we've been to, the space at Bougainville feels a little more intimate and not quite as stodgy, in part thanks to all of the velvety seating. Upon arrival at Bougainville we were seated in a plush velvet semi-circular booth that was super intimate and cozy.

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Zilte Review – A High-End Lunch Experience in Antwerp

Zilte is a three-Michelin-star fine dining restaurant in Antwerp with stunning views and an emphasis on seafood dishes. Prix fixe menus are on offer here, with different numbers of courses available depending on whether you're dining at lunch or dinner, and the day of the week.

We went for lunch instead of dinner at Zilte, which is a strategy we've used several times to experience Michelin-starred restaurants at a slightly more affordable price point. As we dined in winter, another pro of lunch instead of dinner was having enough daylight to enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the MAS building- including an absolutely stunning sunset at the end!

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7 Swedish Foods You Absolutely Must Try When Visiting

We have to admit, before our recent trip to Sweden, the country hadn't really been on our minds as a culinary destination. In fact, we have to admit that we did not know much about Swedish food at all!

But after dining at many truly delicious restaurants with a wide range of styles, and trying lots of new types of foods, we can safely say we are converts. Here are seven unique foods we had while in Sweden that you should make an effort to try on your trip!

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