While You’ll Fall in Love With the Thai Island of Koh Lipe

My search for the perfect Thai paradise has thrown me in every possible direction of the country. 

From Chiang Mai in the North to Ko Tao in the East, all the way to Ko Lipe on the border with Malaysia in the South West.

After spending over a month in the country, I can safely say, I have found my paradise in Koh Lipe, and I am not wanting to leave.

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Why I Skipped the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand

If we had to speculate on what the biggest beach party in the world is, we would quickly say the Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan Thailand is known for this celebration that occurs when the moon is at its brightest, and there is are some pretty wild stories that have come out of it.

As the celebration only occurs once per month, I never thought that my travel schedule would line up in order to make it. 

As luck would have it, I arrived on a gorgeous Koh Samui beach just before the party was about to take place and was all set to head to Koh Phangan to attend. 

But in a stroke of randomness at the last second I changed my mind– I decided to skip the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

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The 4 Must Sees of the Stunning Koh Phi Phi Islands

After visiting Koh Lipe, the bar seemed to be elevated to a dangerously high level when talking about Thai islands.

Crystal clear water, entirely walkable, no cars, and a modest, but growing, tourist hold all existed on the island.  It seemed like nothing short of paradise that could possibly be matched in Thailand; however, Koh Phi Phi islands have risen through the ranks to join Koh Lipe Thailand as a little slice of heaven on Earth.

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My Experience Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Chiang Mai

Because I aspire to succeed in building a strong source of location independent income, I decided to check out the most popular digital nomad hotspot in the world: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Simply put, a “digital nomad” is someone who bounces from one place to the next without ever having a permanent home. They often choose countries that have a low cost of living, and good internet, because most make money online.

I wanted to live in Chiang Mai for at least a month and because I didn’t book anything ahead of time, I needed to find a cheap apartment fast!

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