15 Photos to Enjoy a Virtual Trip to the Seychelles

Not being able to travel is rough. We get it. There is nothing fun about being stuck at home with no plans for the future.

To help things out, we're publishing a virtual trip series where we share 15 of our favorite photos from a previous trip and share some of the backstories behind the images.

For our fourth entry, we're traveling to Africa to explore the islands of the Seychelles- a country we explored for two weeks in 2018!

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Car Rental in the Seychelles

When you visit the Seychelles, odds are good your first thought is not about driving logistics- it's about the famous Seychelles beaches!

But when you come down to reality, you quickly realize that if you want to hit all of the beaches, exploring the islands via some sort of transportation will be required.

On Mahe and Praslin, one popular way of getting around is by renting a car. In this one we are going to share some tips and advice from our experience driving around these two islands.

Unlike other posts in this series, where we are able to capture regional driving tips and advice in one spot, in this one we have to break it up as driving on Mahe and Praslin are two slightly different experiences.

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5 Things to Do on Silhouette Island in the Seychelles

Silhouette Island in the Seychelles was one of our favorite destinations when visiting the country. But as this one is known as primarily being the home of the Hilton Labriz (the only resort on the island), the two are often discussed interchangeably. 

If you are considering a visit to this one and are looking for what all the island has to offer, we've got a few great options for you!

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Hilton Northolme Mahe Review – The World’s Smallest Hilton

During our vacation in the Seychelles we used travel rewards points for luxurious stays at many hotels, including the Hilton Northolme Mahe as well as the Hilton Labriz Silhouette Island.

Our adventure began on the island of Mahe where we stayed at the Hilton Northolme, also known as the world's smallest Hilton (by room count).

Where this could be a negative for some hotel chains, Hilton does an exceptional job here with an incredibly intimate property and wonderful amenities!

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