Kayaking in Geiranger Fjord to the Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seeing waterfalls on the fjords of Norway is often high on every visitor's list. 

There are many ways to accomplish this, either by taking a cruise, ferry, boat tour, or, in some cases, simply stopping at an overlook with a car. But in Geiranger, you can check out waterfalls like the Seven Sisters waterfall via kayak as well.

Although this one makes for a long day out, the kayak trip (and, for those up to it, hike to Skagefla) was truly one of our favorite experiences in Norway!

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The Flam Railway and Biking Combo is a Must Do

Taking a ride on the Flam Railway is often a highlight of visitors to the region. It is a beautiful trip up into the mountains that departs just feet from the shores of the fjord.

Admittedly, most travelers will simply buy a round-trip ticket to go up the mountain and back. But for the more adventurous, renting a mountain bike at the upper train station and biking to Flam is a great option!

So book a one-way ticket to Myrdal, grab a bike rental from Cafe Rallaren, and hit the trail for a stellar 12-mile (19-kilometer) ride through the countryside!

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How to Get to Kjaesen Mountain Farm Outside of Eidfjord

Kjaesen mountain farm is a stunning spot located just outside of Eidfjord, Norway, that has an interesting history and stunning views.

But while it would be one thing to simply say you need to check out this 400-year-old farm because of its beauty (that really should go without saying), getting to Kjaesen farm is a whole other matter entirely.

So in this one, we're not going to discuss what you can see (the pictures are, admittedly, self-explanatory), and solely focus on what it is like to make the drive to Kjaesen to begin with!

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Grande Fjord Hotel Review – A Must Stay in Geiranger

After staying in all styles of hotels during our travels around Norway, from cabins in the woods to bare-bones apartment rentals, we wanted to splurge for a bit of luxury during our stay in Geiranger. We got just that at the Grande Fjord Hotel!

This gem of a hotel right outside of Geiranger town came at a rather high premium compared to our average Norwegian hotel budget, but the extra expenses were most certainly worth it.

We really didn't want to leave this one at the end of our stay!

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