Tips for Driving in Sicily by Car – It Isn’t As Bad As It Seems

My first time with a car in Italy was driving in Tuscany. If you hadn't read that article (at the previous link), the quick explanation is that it left a bad taste in my mouth with how difficult it was- especially around Florence.

So when I returned to Italy, it was with a bit of reluctance that I opted to see the island of Sicily by car.

After driving in Sicily for five days, and hitting virtually every corner of the island, I look back on it and realize it wasn't that bad at all!

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Omio Review – The Best Way to Book Europe Train Tickets

One of my least favorite things about traveling in Europe is booking European train tickets.

The reason for this is simple. If you are looking for cheap train tickets in Europe, this means going to any country's unique rail service website, fighting with their archaic booking system, and crossing your fingers hoping an order went through.

Even booking a Europe Rail Pass likely involves an element of making a reservation on individual trains (especially on popular routes), which winds up at the same problem as above.

This is why I've reverted to using 3rd parties for my Europe train booking needs from now on, and the one I've found myself gravitating towards almost exclusively is Omio (formerly Go Euro).

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A Faroe Islands Travel Guide – The Best Places to See

The following is a guest post by The Serenity Journal.

Halfway between Iceland and Scotland you'll find the Faroe Islands – 18 small, unspoiled islands populated by more sheep than people.

The Faroe Islands are a nature lover's paradise. Here you find amazing landscapes, incredible rock formations, rugged peaks, beautiful waterfalls, lush valleys and tiny villages with the most adorable turf houses.

Despite its lack of size, the Scandinavian archipelago has plenty of interesting sights. In this Faroe Islands travel guide I will guide you to the six places that made my jaw drop when I visited, and that I believe you absolutely need to see when travelling the small country.

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11 Great Spots to Hit on Your Italy Road Trip

The following is a guest post from Travel Kiwis.

I guess you are getting excited and maybe a little nervous too.

You know this year you are finally going to tick off, your bucket list dream of visiting Italy.

You can’t wait. You’re nervous. You want everything to be perfect, just like in the movies.

But you have a dilemma, where do I start, what is the best city or town to see in Italy, where can I have the ultimate Italian food experience?

I know, I know it can be overwhelming.

Whether it’s the language, the people or the food, spending time in Italy invokes a passion for experiencing the best of everything Italian.

And one of the most rewarding ways to see this fabulous country is to experience an Italy road trip.

To help you get started, we have picked some great spots for you to see as you explore one of Europe’s top travel destination, Italy.

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