A Complete Guide to Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier (Glacier View)

Matanuska Glacier is a 27-mile beast of a glacier tucked away in Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. It’s the largest glacier accessible by car in the country, but things get even more exciting if you book a tour to walk across this glacial landscape.

Getting up close and personal with this glacier is the best way to explore its blue crevasses and white ice up against the Alaskan wilderness. At about two hours from Anchorage, it’s also a pretty easy day trip from a city you’ll likely visit on Alaska trips anyway.

This guide will share everything about visiting the Matanuska Glacier on your next visit to Alaska, including whether you need to book a tour to make it happen.

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The Mount Washington Cog Railway – Ride Up the Mountain

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA. It climbs Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.The railway is about 3 miles (~5 km) long, and it climbs from an elevation of approximately2,700 feet (820 meters) at its base to the summit of Mount Washington at 6,288 feet (1,917 meters).

The average grade of the track is more than 25%, with the steepest ection being around 37.41%. The round trip is about three hours, including a stop at the summit, and let me tell you, this is New Hampshire's (and probably the whole East Coast’s) most epic adventure!

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What You Need to Know Before Climbing Mount St. Helens

Located in the heart of southwestern Washington, most people have at least heard of this mountain's name; Mount Saint Helens.

This fantastic Pacific Northwest mountain is famous for its eruption back in 1980, but also for the magnificent opportunity that hikers have to climb Mount St. Helens.

It’s quite the thrill to climb up over the ridge and finally say that you’ve stood on the summit of one of the United State’s most well-known peaks.

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Spending a Night at the Pairi Daiza Hotel – Review

If you're looking for an unforgettable zoo experience, look no further than the Pairi Daiza Hotel in Belgium.

Located an hour west of Brussels, this beautiful hotel offers guests a chance to stay overnight in the heart of a park that was voted ‘the most beautiful zoo in Europe‘.

From your room, you can watch wolves, penguins or polar bears wander by, or listen to the sea lions grunt in the distance.

And if you're feeling lucky, you might even get a chance to see one of the bears climbing a tree from inside your room (spoiler alert: this happened to us!)!

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