Millennium Hilton Seoul Review – A Business Hotel in Korea

During our South Korea trip, we decided to splurge on a couple of nights at the high-end Millennium Hilton Seoul with points.

Thanks in part to our diamond status with the hotel chain, we ended up getting a rather nice room on a high floor which was quite comfortable and had a stunning view. 

But while the room and property itself was every bit of what we expect of a Hilton chain, we have to say, this one is perhaps not the best for tourists- it feels like a business traveler hotel more than anything!

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How to Visit South Korea Without Spending a Lot of Money

Before visiting South Korea, we weren't quite sure about how cheaply you could travel in the country.

We knew it would likely be much more reasonable than Japan, and assumed it would be much more expensive than South East Asia. Where in the middle it fell, well, we weren't quite sure.

As it turns out, South Korea ended up being quite reasonable overall and we had a stellar time for two weeks for just over $3,000 (excluding airfare, which we paid on points). But for this series, we don't want to just share our own personal spending. Here, we want to look at just how cheap you can get a trip to South Korea while still doing the country justice.

So in this one we will break down traveling in South Korea by spending type and then compare it to how we did on our trip at the end!

Pricing is based on our visit to South Korea in October 2019. 

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A Food-Centric Two Week South Korea Itinerary with Jeju

South Korea was one of our favorite destinations in recent memory. From history to culture, food, and everything in between, South Korea delivered day after day.

As there are numerous options out there when visiting, we decided to publish our South Korea itinerary (with Jeju Island included) to help give you an idea of what you can do when visiting!

Unlike other itinerary style posts, we are not going to break this down on what you should see in any given day, but rather take a broader look as to why you should visit each destination, some of the highlights you need to see, and a discussion on how much time is required when visiting. As we found out, figuring out how many days we needed was the hardest part.

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Driving Tips for Your Jeju Car Rental in South Korea

Out of all of the places I've driven around the world, I can safely say that driving on Jeju island is among the easiest. 

The roads are well maintained, the traffic outside of the cities is minimal, the speed limits are appropriate albeit a bit slow at times, and with built-in GPS in most cars navigation is a breeze (although you'd be wise to confirm that last bit prior to renting as even Kakao Maps was fairly slow for us via our phones).

Based on this, I would highly recommend all visitors to get a car, and there really are only a few special considerations to keep in mind when visiting.

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