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During our exploration of Italy, we were fortunate enough to take several walking tours as guests of Walks of Italy– one of the country's premier tour companies.

We covered five tours, in three cities, featuring an array of topics from the historical, to culinary, and even a bit religious at the Vatican Museums.

In the end we walked away with a fond appreciation for all things Italy (far more than I had from my first trip to the country), and over the years have realized that Walks of Italy puts out what we believe are the best walking tours we've ever experienced.

In this Walks of Italy review we wanted to highlight our favorite aspects of each of the tours we took to give you a better insight as to why we think that!

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tours with Walks of Italy when traveling around the country.

Food Tour of Venice

Venice Food Tour

When you think of Venice, your first thoughts are likely about the gorgeous canals and the historical buildings and not the food. In fact, during my first visit to Venice I was pretty sure the food scene there was my least favorite in Italy.

But the thing about Venice's food scene is that it is somewhat hidden, and the best meals come from cicchetti bars that are, at times quite literally, holes in a wall.

Walks of Italy Venice

During my second visit to Venice, Angie and I were fortunate enough to take a tour exploring the city's behind-the-scenes food scene and were opened up to a world we never knew existed.

Naturally, on my third trip a few years later you can imagine what I ate the whole time- cicchetti!

To check out more from our Cicchetti Bar tour of Venice, click the previous link to read our full review! To check out more about this tour at Walks of Italy, click here.

Food Tours of Florence

Florence Food Tour

When it comes to the ultimate food city in Italy, it is hard to not put Florence in the running- the food scene here is delicious!

Florence Food Tour

The thing we loved most about our food tour with Walks of Italy is that it hit just about every cross-section of food you'll find: fruit and veggie markets, meat markets, food stalls (where we tried the infamous lampredotto- delicious), to table wine shops, a restaurant stall for a meal, and finishing with gelato and coffee. (Yes, we were stuffed).

Walks of Italy Florence

This tour was even better in that our guide was a trained Dante scholar, and would weave in tidbits about the famous poet wherever he could. Food and history all in one? Sign us up to do this one again and again and again.

To check out more from our Walks of Italy Florence food tour, click the previous link to read our full review! To check out more about this tour at Walks of Italy, click here.

Florence City Tour

Our second tour of Florence with Walks of Italy was an evening walking tour to take a deep dive into the history of one of the most interesting cities in Europe.

We were the only two on this particular tour and got to pepper our guide with many questions into one of our favorite cities.

Florence City Tour

Afterwards our guide invited us over to his apartment (complete with a postcard-worthy view of the Ponte Vecchio) and got us a table at his favorite restaurant to complete the night.

I can't say that's ever happened on a guided tour before this one!

To check out more about this tour at Walks of Italy, click here.

Markets and Pizza Making in Rome

Walks of Italy Rome

Our first tour of Rome was a morning market tour with combination pizza making- satisfying all of our favorite activities in one shot.

On this tour we were able to get some behind-the-scenes looks at popular markets in Rome early in the morning just as they're getting busy for the day, including samplings of many stalls as well as trying some of the best pizza bianca we've ever had.

Pizza in Rome

If that wasn't enough to get us stuffed, we went to a local pizzeria where we learned how to make pies the Italian way and ended up being able to eat our own creations when it was all said and done.

Now we make pizzas at home all the time, and look back on this tour with fond memories as being our cooking inspiration.

To check out more about this tour at Walks of Italy, click here.

After Hours Vatican Museums in Rome

After Hours Vatican Tour

During our second tour in Rome, we were fortunate enough to take an after hours tour of the Vatican Museums.

I had done a self-guided tour of the Vatican Museums on a previous trip to Rome, so I knew a bit about what to expect. What I did not anticipate, however, was just how deep into the history of the Vatican our guide would go!

After Hours Vatican Tour

You see, as all guides are officially licensed and go to school for years to do this job, they know their stuff. Put them in a place full of history like the Vatican Museums and they truly let their expertise shine.

My only complaint about this tour was that you don't get to see all of the rooms like you would if you were exploring on your own (this is true of all after hours tours), but when the trade-off is a dive into the history of the rooms you do visit, well, I'll take that any day!

After Hours Vatican Tour

To check out more from our Vatican Tours at Night, click the previous link to read our full review! To check out more about this tour at Walks of Italy, click here.

Overall, we were impressed with Walks of Italy for a number of reasons. Their professionalism, unique walking tours, and overall value when looking at the costs puts them the top tier of walking tours we've done anywhere in the world.

Check them out for your next trip!

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