10 of the Best Sicilian Foods Not to Miss When Visiting

It is hard to beat Sicilian food, and when exploring the island, you really have your work cut out for you with all the delicious dishes to try.

While there are far more than 10 iconic foods you must try in Sicily, these were a few of our favorites that we would order again and again. So do not miss these foods (and some recommended spots to try them) here!

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Picking Where to Stay in Sicily is a Question of Duration

When it comes to picking Sicily hotels for your visit, the logistics you need to consider are not simply looking for the best properties, booking them, and calling it a day.

The best way we can answer the question of “where to stay in Sicily?” is with another question- “how much time do you have?” The reason for this is because your Sicily hotels selection may be greatly influenced by your trip length above any other consideration.

It was for us!

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Tips and Advice for Hiking Mount Etna in Sicily

If you are planning to spend any amount of time in eastern Sicily, the presence of Mount Etna looms large. From Catania to Taormina and further, the volcano is visible from great distances.

Naturally, if you're like us, you'll want to head up it to get a closer look. For those who are the most adventurous, perhaps even take a hike on an old lava flow.

This is what we did during our journey up Mount Etna, and while you can see quite a surreal and barren landscape here, you'll do well to plan ahead before tackling any trails. Hiking on a volcano is unlike anything we've ever done!

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Tips and Advice for Driving in Piedmont for the Best Time

Thinking of picking up a rental car to drive around Piedmont on your next trip?

The good news is that driving in Piedmont is relatively easy and is something we highly recommend for all visitors. The bad news is that you are still in Italy, and common concerns with driving in Italy are present- albeit to perhaps a lesser degree here compared to other regions.

So in this one, we thought we'd share a bit more about what our experience was like traveling around Piedmont with a car, and give you some tips to have the best time out with a car!

Note: An international drivers permit is required for driving in Italy if you are not local.

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