6 Tips and Traps to Avoid While Driving in Tuscany

Our five days of exploring Tuscany are over, and we can safely say it was one of the most interesting experiences we've ever had.  We got to see the sunflower fields Angie was desperately hoping for, toured medieval cities, and even spent a day driving through the vineyards of Chianti!

But while this all sounds exciting (and it was), we have come to realize that driving in Florence and the surrounding regions of Tuscany is quite possibly one of the worst tortures a traveler can subject themselves to. 

From obscene driving laws to poorly marked signs and hundreds, if not thousands, of speed traps, the cards are stacked against you from the moment you place a reservation for your car.

All you have is the hope that you don't screw up, because your mistakes may cost you more than your entire trip to the city, and then some!  But if you absolutely must drive in Tuscany, which is something we advise against, please keep the following tips in mind for a more enjoyable experience.

Enjoyable being a relative term, of course.  

Your nightmare is about to begin.

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Going on a Food Tour with Walks of Italy Florence

Italy is a country with such a rich food culture, and yet sometimes on the tourist trail it can feel like all you see around you are mediocre pizza and pasta joints.

It can be overwhelming or tricky to figure out where to eat and what to eat, and what foods are authentic to the particular region of Italy in which you find yourself (if you’re in Florence, it’s not pizza and pasta).

Luckily, on our recent stay in Florence, we had the opportunity to take a food tour with Walks of Italy Florence where we learned precisely what authentic Florentine cuisine is, and got to try some excellent examples of it.

As with most food tours, the day began in the very early hours of the morning with the request that we come with an empty stomach.  As if the challenge was thrown down, we happily obliged.

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Driving in Tuscany on a Quest for Sunflowers

During our stay in Florence we decided we wanted to get out of town to explore the world-famous region of Tuscany. 

From the many wine regions to the nearby medieval cities, there is definitely a lot to take in that is not normally accessible by public transportation. 

We opted against doing private day tours in this city because we wanted the opportunity to go wherever we pleased on the quest for adventure.

So we did what any logical person who has never driven in Europe would doWe rented a car to go driving in Tuscany.  

A smart car no less.

But our particular quest was not just to see the above sights that makes Tuscany famous. We had another goal- a goal to see the summer bloom of sunflowers.

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The Best Restaurants in Venice are the Cicchetti Bars

Venice is admired for it's beautiful architecture, hundreds of canals, and unique history.  It is the combination of these factors that draws millions of visitors to this tiny city each and every year.  But while these are great reasons for travelers to visit the city, a highlight that is not often talked about is the food.

Sure, Venice is home to the cuisine that the country of Italy is famous for. There are places to get amazing pizzas, pasta, and gelato on every corner; all delicious.  But when thinking back on the favorite memory of the city, it is all to common to jump to the other features we mentioned at the beginning of this article. 

Even though the food is always great, what is typically not included with the memory is of it being truly “Venetian.” This is why we think some of the best restaurants in Venice are, in fact, the cicchetti bars.

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