Is a Europe Rail Pass Worth It? Tickets Are Cheaper Than You Think

Panorama Trains Switzerland

When planning a trip around Europe, you may hear about a Europe rail pass from companies like Eurail that offer multiple regional segments or full unlimited use passes on many rail networks throughout most of the countries in the continent.

I know from experience that many travelers are hesitant on purchasing a rail pass in Europe for a number of reasons, with rigidity and limitations being a few of the biggest.

But for all those who can get past these minor details, a lot of effort is required in identifying the best pass and even if a rail pass is worth the money at all!

To help, we've put together this post as a result of our years of research on Europe's ultimate travel question: how do you get a cheap europe train ticket?  

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How Much I Spent on My One Year Around the World Trip

When planning my one year trip around the world, I predicted that I would spend the most money in the Middle East as well as Europe. After tabulating my spending breakdown for the entire year, I found out I was completely wrong!

In this one I share my total expenses after travel hacking, volunteering, visiting friends, and spending money to explore this beautiful planet we call home.

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Is Bitcoin a Scam? No, But it Is a Fad That Has Already Peaked

In the last few years, the hot topic has been Bitcoin. Record Bitcoin values, Bitcoin billionaires, how to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin.

Everyone and their grandmother were talking about Bitcoin for a while, and you'd think we cured cancer with the amount of buzz that cryptocurrencies are generating.

But as I fancy myself more of a traditionalist when it comes to investing, I have adopted the view that not only is Bitcoin a bubble, but that it is a fad (and possibly an outright scam).

Proponents tout it as the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, and my follow up question is, yes, but whose wealth?

The following is why I'm not jumping onto the bandwagon.

The following is meant to be commentary, and is not investment advice. At publication I have no vested interest in any cryptocurrency.

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