Is a Europe Rail Pass Worth It? Tickets Are Cheaper Than You Think

Panorama Trains Switzerland

When planning a trip around Europe, you may hear about a Europe rail pass from companies like Eurail and Rail Europe that offer multiple regional segments or full unlimited use passes on many rail networks throughout most of the countries in the continent.

I know from experience that many travelers are hesitant on purchasing a rail pass in Europe for a number of reasons, with rigidity and limitations being a few of the biggest.

But for all those who can get past these minor details, a lot of effort is required in identifying the best pass and even if a rail pass is worth the money at all!

To help, we've put together this post as a result of our years of research on Europe's ultimate travel question: how do you get a cheap europe train ticket?  

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How Much I Spent on My One Year Around the World Trip

When planning my one year trip around the world, I predicted that I would spend the most money in the Middle East as well as Europe. After tabulating my spending breakdown for the entire year, I found out I was completely wrong!

In this one I share my total expenses after travel hacking, volunteering, visiting friends, and spending money to explore this beautiful planet we call home.

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The Cost to Travel in Europe for 117 Days – A Spending Breakdown

During my long-term trip I ended up spending over 100 days in Europe, with a split of 53 days in countries typically considered to be Western Europe and 64 days in countries considered to be Eastern Europe.

Today I wanted to share a breakdown of my spending in each of the 30+ countries I visited in that time!

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A Travel Hacking Blueprint for All Budgets

Those who know us personally know that we absolutely love to travel hack.

Where other bloggers may source the bulk of their travels through comps, partnerships, and other discounts, we pay for most all of it ourselves and owe a lot of it to the insane amount of airline, hotel, and non-branded credit card points we rack up in any given year.

But we'll let you in on a little secret: our version of travel hacking does not involve manufactured spending or crazy schemes in order to get points. It is simply through meeting minimum spend limits on credit cards and carrying on like normal!

Okay, it definitely isn't that sexy when you really stop to think about it. This method really is as simple as opening credit cards, spending as normal, and receiving points. But while this approach may be relatively straight forward, it does have one perk that we're going to share today- it is repeatable!

In this guide we're going to take you down the rabbit hole of all the things you need to think about to before opening one of the best travel rewards credit cards to reap major rewards. The first task? Figuring how many cards you could possibly use in a given year!

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