Rug Shopping in Morocco – The Bartering Experience

We knew we wanted to go rug shopping in Morocco before we got there, and did a fair bit of research online as to what to expect prior to arriving (including which of the many beautiful styles we would be interested in purchasing).

One thing that jumped out at us as we got started was the number of comments that shopping at Local Berbere Artisanal in Chefchaouen was much more laid back, offered better prices, and generally was a more enjoyable experience than, well, anywhere else in the country.

Even though it was the first stop of our trip, we found ourselves at the shop making a very expensive decision from the get-go and we are certainly glad we did.

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What to Do if You Get a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice

Well, hello! If you found this article from a Google search, odds are good you just received a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice from your host.

This typically means only one thing: you stole some content, got busted for it, and are now frantically trying to figure out what to do! 

Don't worry, we are here today to help you out.

While we have not received DMCA notices ourselves, we have sent them to those who have stole from us. This article is our way of letting you know, from a content creator's perspective, what you should do. And that is pretty simple: remove the content as per the DMCA notice!

We weren't joking when we said it is simple, and in this one we're going to go into detail why that is.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and the below does not constitute legal advice. This article is our opinion based off of our experience filing DMCA notices against content thieves only and our understanding of copyright law. If you have any doubts about what to do after receiving a DMCA notice, contact an attorney.

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Teaching English in Poland with Workaway

One of the most surprising experiences I had while volunteering in Gdansk, was teaching English to Polish teens.

I’ve always had this assumption that teenagers are trouble makers, who only want to act cool. And while there is definitely some truth to that statement, that was definitely not what I experienced while volunteering in Poland.

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