Spending Breakdown in Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana

Published by Kendrick. Last Updated on July 29, 2020.

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Traveling through the Guianas is more expensive than I expected. To make it worst, not only did I pay higher prices, the quality did not match the amount of money I paid.

Complete 4 days Guyana spending breakdown

Bus from Lethem to Georgetown – 10,000 Guyanaese Dollars(158 Reals or $62.70 CAD)
Hitchhiking from the middle of the jungle to Georgetown – 4,200 Guyanese Dollars ($26.33 CAD)
ATM Fee – 1,042 Guyanese Dollars ($6.53 CAD)
Ferry from Guyana to Suriname – 3,140 Guyanaese Dollars ($19.69 CAD)
2 night stay at P&A Guest House – 8,000 Guyanese Dollars ($50.16 CAD)
Taxi – 2,000 Guyanese Dollars ($12.54 CAD)
Bus from Georgetown to Paramaribo – 8,000 Guyanese Dollars ($50.16 CAD)
Food – 6,000 Guyanese Dollars ($37.62 CAD)

Total Guyana spending: 42,389.38 Guyanese Dollars ($265.73 CAD)

Average daily Guyana spending: 10,596.91 Guyanese Dollars ($66.43 CAD)

I had to pay extra money while traveling through Guyana because our van driver got caught smuggling alcohol. All the passengers got stranded and we had to hitch hike on a random pickup truck passing by. The pickup truck driver charged us to hitch hike and he asked for quite a bit of money. On the bright side, I got out of the insect infested jungle in the middle of nowhere.

Guyana is the toughest place to travel through in the three Guiana countries.

South America

Complete 3 days Suriname spending breakdown

Suriname tourist card – $262.76 Suriname Dollars ($35 USD or $45.63 CAD)
Marriott Hotel 2 nights stay – 75.08 Suriname Dollars ($10 USD or $13.04 CAD) + 15,000 Marriott Points
Taxi – 40 Suriname Dollars ($6.95 CAD)
Food and groceries – 126.9 Suriname Dollars ($22.04 CAD)
Boat ride across Suriname and French Guiana border – 20 Suriname Dollars ($3.47 CAD)
Shared van from Paramaribo to Albino (French Guiana border) – 80 Suriname Dollars ($13.89 CAD)

Total Suriname spending: 604.75 Suriname Dollars ($105.02 CAD)

Average daily Suriname spending: 201.60 Suriname Dollars ($35.01 CAD)

Total Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Marriott Points for 2 night stay at Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo

Suriname was my favourite of the three Guiana countries. Prices were cheaper and infrastructure is better. I also redeemed some Marriott hotel points driving the cost down some more since I didn’t have to pay for accommodation. I recommend Suriname if you had to choose one place to stay longer in the Guianas.

Complete 2 Days French Guiana spending breakdown

Best Western Hotel 1 night stay – 18 Euros ($26.70 CAD) + 24,000 Best Western Points
Taxi from Suriname border to Cayenne – 30 Euros ($70.59 CAD and 20 USD)
Food – 7.8 Euros ($11.57 CAD)
Taxi to the airport – 40 Euros ($59.35 CAD)

Total French Guiana spending: 113.47 Euro ($168.21 CAD)

Average daily French Guiana spending: 56.74 Euro ($84.11 CAD)

Total Points and Miles spent: 24,000 Best Western Points for 1 night stay

South America

French Guiana is very expensive so I’m glad I didn’t stay long. The cheapest hotel in French Guiana cost $80 USD a night. I looked at all the points I had left and discovered that the only hotel chain in this territory is Best Western. So I redeemed 24,000 Best Western points and manage to stay for 18 Euros saving me tons of money while I was in French Guiana.

Overall, I’m glad I travelled to these three countries but I will never do it again because of the difficulty and discomfort I experienced in these region.

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