How Much I Spent on My One Year Around the World Trip

When planning my one year trip around the world, I predicted that I would spend the most money in the Middle East as well as Europe. After tabulating my spending breakdown for the entire year, I found out I was completely wrong!

In this one I share my total expenses after travel hacking, volunteering, visiting friends, and spending money to explore this beautiful planet we call home.

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The Cost to Travel in Europe for 117 Days – A Spending Breakdown

During my long-term trip I ended up spending over 100 days in Europe, with a split of 53 days in countries typically considered to be Western Europe and 64 days in countries considered to be Eastern Europe.

Today I wanted to share a breakdown of my spending in each of the 30+ countries I visited in that time!

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Teaching English in Poland with Workaway

One of the most surprising experiences I had while volunteering in Gdansk, was teaching English to Polish teens.

I’ve always had this assumption that teenagers are trouble makers, who only want to act cool. And while there is definitely some truth to that statement, that was definitely not what I experienced while volunteering in Poland.

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