Escape from Cairo – Enduring Egypt’s Travel Scams

Never in my life have I traveled to a place where I felt so trapped. It wasn’t because Cairo was dangerous to tourists per say, it was because of two main reasons:

1. At every turn, you can expect someone in this city to scam, or lie to with in order to squeeze every penny out of you.
2. The pollution!

The moment we arrived in Egypt, the scams began right away:

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Dangling Over the Edge in the Devils Pool at Victoria Falls

Geographically, Zimbabwe and Zambia share a border that runs through Victoria Falls. Theoretically, every adventure activity (or even any activity in general) that you can do in Zambia you can do in Zimbabwe.

Generally speaking, it tends to be quite a bit cheaper to do the activities on the Zimbabwean side due to their less economically stable currency. However, there is one notable exception: the Devils Pool at Victoria Falls.

You can only reach it from the Zambian side, requiring a day visa at the least if you do not plan to spend more time in the country.

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Our Favorite Sony a6000 Accessories to Add to You Camera

I absolutely adore my Sony a6000 camera. The mirrorless camera is light, portable, and takes some of the best images I've ever taken in my 8+ years as a travel photographer.

However, simply buying the camera itself is just the starting point.

As with all cameras, there is an incredible number of accessories for the Sony a6000 you may want to consider purchasing to really step-up your photography game.

After extensive use of our camera, taking tens of thousands of photos all over the world, the following are some of our favorites that we think you absolutely must have in your kit.

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Our Favorite Vacation Packing List Items to Have in Our Luggage

Planning Services for RTW Travel - Living the Dream

Since founding Living the Dream we've been on two long-term trips and have had three staff members go off on year-plus journeys of their own around the world. Over that time you can say we've learned a thing or two about what is essential in preparing a long-term travel packing list.

In the past, we've all published our own personal vacation packing lists for our different journeys, but we want to go further than that today.

You see, these lists are great snapshots as to what we've personally chosen to take on our own long-term trips, but they do not get into the details of why we chose an item, why they are important to have, and most importantly, what you need to consider before buying them, too.

To help fill the gap, this travel packing list guide was born!

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