The Freshest Cup of Colombian Coffee You’ll Ever Have

Colombia is an interesting destination for coffee lovers.

Just because Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world doesn't mean you can easily find a great cup of joe there.

Similarly to the great cacao produced in Ecuador, in the recent past pretty much all of the great coffee produced in Colombia has been exported to other countries.

That left Colombia with low-quality beans and people who didn't necessarily know how to roast and brew coffee.

Luckily, over the past few years, specialty coffee shops focused on local brews have popped up all over the place and coffee farms have started opening their doors to visitors.

It's now possible to see first hand how coffee is grown and processed, and even taste some coffee brewed from the high-quality beans that farmers are starting to keep behind to sell to tourists.

Perhaps the most beautiful place to start your exploration of the Colombian coffee region is Salento. With several coffee farms within walking distance of town, well-preserved and brightly colored architecture, and the Cocora Valley with the world's tallest palm trees nearby, Salento makes a great place to spend a few days.

We toured three fincas during our time there, each having their own unique philosophies on growing coffee and each providing different and insightful information on this revered plant.

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14 Pictures of The World’s Tallest Palm Trees from Colombia

Salento, Colombia, may not be on your radar of places to visit, but after you get done with this photo essay we can assure you it will be.

Why? Well, there is one wonder that can only be seen here, and after our visit we can say that the world's tallest palm trees are definitely worth the trip (and drinking some incredible Colombian coffee from the nearby farms isn't worth forgetting, either).

Be prepared to feel very small as the photos in this series show off just how massive these palm trees truly are. 

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3 Unique Snack Foods to Try in Quito, Ecuador

Snacking is one my favorite ways to eat, especially when traveling.

You get to try a bunch of different dishes and don't have to take a chance on a massive plate of anything in particular.

On our recent stay in Quito, Ecuador, we took a snacking oriented food trip with Viator where we sampled traditional baked goods, sweets, and other small plates, and got an insider's look on how these snacks are made.

The following 3 snacks made it onto our list of most unique and most delicious foods to try in Quito!

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That Time Angie Made Us Stay in a Sex Hotel

Enjoying the surround sound of a half-dozen Colombian men getting it on with their mistresses during our stay in a sex hotel was not something I would have put on my bucket list.  

But it happened anyway.

Welcome to your first night in Colombia!

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