Loving Geometric Indian Patterns – A Massive Photo Collection

Geometric Indian PatternsOne of my favorite things about visiting the forts, palaces, and temples in India is discovering the geometric patterns that are found in every corner.   No matter where you go, these patterns appear and are a beautiful reminder of an age long since past.

The best part about these geometric patterns?  They all seem to be different!   It has been an exciting journey discovering these gems, and we went on a quest to take photos of some of the best.  Since we have dozens of these, we cannot help but share a large collection of our favorites here!

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Looking for a World Class Indian Beach? Try These Three!

In the past few months, I've been giving Angie the reigns in planning our destinations as I figured she'd have stronger feelings on the types of places we visited in Nepal and India.

After getting screwed on train tickets in Northern India, and overall really wanting an Indian beach for the holidays ever since we did the Everest Base Camp trek, we agreed that it was for the best to skip out on the rest of Rajasthan and fly down to Goa and the coastal beaches for Christmas and New Years.

For this task, Angie had been charged with finding the best.

After her research had concluded, she told me that she was taking us to beaches that were considered to be some of the best in the world.  Being a bit astonished by this claim myself, I went along with it in hopes that she was right.

“World class beaches” and “India” in the same sentence? Well, after our time traveling from Nepal to India and exploring the north quite a bit, that was a sight I'd have to see to believe.

And we did.

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