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Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 25, 2022.

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For many years, I've shared my blogging tips and tricks as its own series on this blog. There were many reasons why I did this, with the biggest being that I simply disliked a lot of the information that was out there for travel bloggers and wanted to provide my own insight from my decade-plus experience running this site.

Recently I got an opportunity to take this knowledge in a new direction, and I am happy to announce a free weekly newsletter to help bloggers out- This Week in Blogging!

What is This Week in Blogging?

This Week in Blogging

This Week in Blogging is a free, weekly newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the world of blogging.

Each week Chris from Traveling Mitch and I scour the internet looking for the top news bloggers may find interesting and curate it in an easy-to-read digest. To put it bluntly, we go out to find the news so you don't have to!

Beyond summarizing weekly news, This Week in Blogging will feature expert opinions on the news from industry leaders, blogging tips, product reviews, giveaways, and a whole lot more. 

Did I mention it is also free to join? We may release some products later on, but our weekly newsletter will always be free as long as I have a say in the matter. 

What About Blogging Content on Living the Dream?

Blogging Advice

In writing blogging tips and advice here, my original goal was to discuss topics that are unique to travel bloggers. Articles like our TBEX review, how to grow a travel Instagram account, and a discussion into our favorite travel affiliate programs come to mind.

These articles are not going anywhere. Any and all tips we come up with for destination blogging will still find their way into dedicated articles on this site.

Over time, I found myself getting into general blogging tips, like our GeneratePress review and sharing our Blogger to WordPress migration. While these were fun articles to write, these broad topics are applicable to all bloggers and weren't quite part of my original idea when starting that series.

In the future, topics like these will be published exclusively within This Week in Blogging.

So if you're looking to stay up-to-date with blogging news, want to learn insider tips and tricks from experts, or simply want to keep reading my blogging advice beyond the confines of Living the Dream, we'd love it if you hopped over to This Week in Blogging and joined today!

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