Travel Photo Roulette #90 – Your Grand Adventure

My winning entry into Photo Roulette #89 - HeritageWell, would you look at that.  Photo Roulette, the game I created many years ago, is returning home for its 90th round!   Since starting Photo Roulette I've been really blown away with the creativity of the themes and the wide array of entries.   Now, four years later, we're quickly approaching round #100 and I couldn't be happier.

The last round (which we won- yay!) was hosted by Travel Addicts with the theme Heritage.  When I saw the theme for the round I knew that I had to submit a photo I took to honor my grandma shortly after her passing* and, much to my surprise, it won!

Since we just recently finished a fifteen month trip around the world, we couldn't think of a better theme for the 90th round of Photo Roulette than this:  Your Grand Adventure.

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Photo Roulette Round 57 – Your First Time – Winner!

It was quite hard to pick a winner for this round of photo roulette as the theme “Your First Time” had two unique directions it could go.  One angle of the theme was the travel writer's first time traveling, while the other side could have been the first time with a particular experience or destination.   We looked at the captions and back story for the photos as much as we did the photo itself for this one, because a first time experience often has a great back story to go along with the photo itself!
With that being said, a few of the entries stood out as being our favorites in Round 57 of Photo Roulette:

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Travel Photo Roulette Round 57 – Your First Time

StonehengeYou may be wondering something if you are a frequent player of Photo Roulette.  We did not win Round #56 hosted by our friends at Travel Junkies.  While waiting for the next round of the game to come up from the winner we were informed that they would be unable to host the series.  Rather than letting the game we invented over 2-years ago die, we were asked to restart the game with Round #57!  So to kickstart the next round of Photo Roulette as it returns to our site after being hosts of the first round and nineteenth round, we thought of a theme that is very appropriate for this return:  


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10 More Amazing Facebook Covers for Your Timeline

Last year we published a post with 10 of our favorite photos from our travels for use as an amazing Facebook cover photo. 

Due to an amazing response the post got, we thought it was time to put together a new post with 10 more awesome travel photos to share.  After searching through our collection of over 35,000 photos from 35 countries and 250+ days of travel, we found some gems for the second entry into this series.

If you find a photo you'd like to use as your cover photo, feel free to download and use for your enjoyment!

If you haven't checked out the first entry, we invite you to check out the first 10 photos here and read on for 10 more awesome photos!

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