Sky Rock Sedona Review – A Room With a View

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on December 5, 2023.

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Whenever we travel to a beautiful destination, we almost always attempt to book a room with a view to soak in as much as we can while at the hotel.

In Sedona, this goal led us to Sky Rock Sedona, a newly renovated hotel in the Marriott brand that boasted some incredible views (at prices to match).

While the view at this one was excellent, some layout quirks made this one an interesting, albeit still quite comfortable, stay. When visiting Sky Rock Sedona, a little planning may go a long way here! 

Sky Rock Sedona Rooms – Basic But Comfortable

Sky Rock Sedona Rooms

Hotels in Sedona are, generally speaking, interesting to say the least.

Most feel like 1960s-style motels that may or may not have been renovated to modern standards. Think two to three levels max, doors with exterior walkways and common areas, and an overall dated feel from when out-west road trips across Route 66 and budget accommodations for families were the dream. The layout at Sky Rock Sedona is no different.

Our 2023 visit coincided with part of the property receiving a facelift with freshly renovated rooms and upgraded common areas (while still working on many more during our stay, including the lobby, bar, and restaurant). Thankfully, it appears that we were in one of the first renovated rooms that came out and we appreciated the touch of refresh that came with it.

Bathroom at Sky Rock Sedona

The room was decently sized with a comfortable bed and featured standard amenities like a walk-in shower, refrigerator, and a small seating area. The rooms themselves were nothing too different from a standard chain hotel you'd expect in the Marriott brand, but they were plenty good for our needs. 

An Interesting Layout at Sky Rock Sedona

Common area and views

Still, the motel layout was an interesting one here. Our front door walked out to a common area with seating and fire pits that always had a guest or two enjoying just 15 or 20 feet away. So while we had a decent view from our window in the building we were in, it wasn't until we went out and sat in the common area that we got a full appreciation for it- a good chunk of it was just seeing the seating outright! 

The three levels of the room were terraced such that the common area of the third floor was above the rooms in the second, and the common area on the second floor were above the rooms on the first. While this contributed some periodic noise, especially if housekeeping or maintenance was pushing a large cart on the terrace above our second floor room, we have to admit we were worried it would be a lot worse!

Common area and views

  • The building we were in was the same as the main lobby and restaurant/bar and was designed to be an inverted floor concept. The third floor was the “main” level, and the second and first floors were built below. As such, the third floor had the highest foot traffic in the common areas, hence a bit more noise for us on the second just below.
  • It is also worth noting that Sky Rock Sedona has several buildings on the property. Some of the common areas face east (generally the building where the lobby is) and others face west. To us, the views facing were vastly better than those facing west. Normally we'd say you should pay for a room with the view, but since the patios are common areas, you could also just walk over to the other building for the view.

Other Amenities at Sky Rock Sedona

Sky Rock Breakfast

Although the community elements of Sky Rock Sedona are perhaps the most notable amenity (or downside, depending on your preference), there are other elements worth keeping in mind.

These were all fairly straight forward, and include amenities like a small pool a short walk from the rooms, a limited dining menu, and a bar to name a few. We admittedly only sampled breakfasts here and found them to be enjoyable with the house breakfast sandwich being a particular favorite. But would we go out and explore Sedona for other dining options instead over eating here? Absolutely.

Common area and views

In fact, the only real downside of note we had here was that we had to pay a nightly parking fee to use the hotel's surface lot. We get parking fees when a hotel has limited parking, and this one does to some degree, but when we could have parked on the road a few feet away for free it seemed like an unnecessary charge on top of an already appreciable room rate. Oh well!

Overall, while we personally stayed at Sky Rock Sedona in hopes of having a comfortable room with a view, which we got, we did not find ourselves doing much else on the property other than simply relaxing after long days of hiking and taking in their stellar view every chance possible. Sky Rock indeed! 

Sky Rock Sedona is located at 1200 AZ-89A in Sedona, AZ. To book your room at Sky Rock Sedona, click here.

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