Camping in Antarctica is One Excursion You Must Do When Visiting

The idea that I had signed up for camping in Antarctica in a tent was apparently an amusing one to anyone who knows me. I hate being cold more than just about anything, so the fact that I was paying to experience being cold for an entire night was laughable.

The idea to experience this once in a lifetime offer was simply too tempting to resist, and besides, how often do you get to travel to Antarctica?

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San Pedro de Atacama Tours – Sand Boarding at Night

I arrived in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile with a sense of coming home. It was warm, there were cacti, and it smelled like the desert. Essentially it felt like home.

After stashing my bags and taking my first shower in three days, I set off to see what activities could be had in the area. The consensus seemed to me more lakes, more geysers, and sandboarding. While the lakes in South America are beautiful, I've had my fill of staring at bodies of water that inevitably all end up looking the same.

The geysers involved getting up around three in the morning.

Sandboarding it was.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Zip Line – An Incredible Rush

Rylei zip lining

Traveling has been wonderful so far, but it’s been decidedly lacking something. I’ve been learning through classes, trying new foods, and being insanely lazy. It’s been the last part that has been the problem. This trip was meant to be about getting out of my comfort zone and being adventurous.

When I crossed the border to Costa Rica, it immediately became apparent that this was the country where I could get my adrenaline fix. Zip-lining, white-water rafting, canopy trekking, bungee jumping. Ok, scratch that last one. Even on a bottle of Valium, that’s not happening in this lifetime.

I'll stick to the rest, as well as Costa Rica chocolate, and be just fine.

But there was one activity I wanted to try above all others, and that was the Monteverde cloud forest zip line.

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Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua – Because, Why Not?

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Originally, I had planned to start my world trip in Nicaragua because every time I googled adventure activities, Nicaragua always seemed to have something to offer. The most obvious and unique of which is volcano boarding.

I saw it on CNN, on blogs, on wanderlust lists.

I added it to my list, because why not? Sitting on a metal board whilst flying at reckless speeds down an active volcano will be a wonderful story to tell the grandkids. If I lived.

Volcano boarding is offered up in Leon, the old colonial capital city of Nicaragua. I booked a couple nights at Bigfoot Hostels, the main operator in town. It’s a party hostel, and while I am definitely getting sick of the party atmosphere barely two weeks into my trip, I liked the idea of going in a big crowd.

There are a couple other outfits in town who do the tour at a slightly cheaper price and a much smaller group if you don’t like a big boisterous crowd of hungover twenty-somethings at 9 in the morning.

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