Long-Distance Hiking in Poland – The Small Beskid Trail

If you want to try hiking in Poland, you will not be disappointed! This country in central Europe has it all – rocky Tatra mountains, mild hills in the Beskids as well as long-distance trails. The longest one is called Main Beskid Trail (Główny Szlak Beskidzki) and runs for almost 500 km along the southern border of the country.

I have had it on my bucket list for a long time, but first I decided to try its smaller version– The Small Beskid Trail.

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Teaching English in Poland with Workaway

One of the most surprising experiences I had while volunteering in Gdansk, was teaching English to Polish teens.

I’ve always had this assumption that teenagers are trouble makers, who only want to act cool. And while there is definitely some truth to that statement, that was definitely not what I experienced while volunteering in Poland.

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Poznan, Poland with Kids

One of Poland’s oldest cities and the fifth largest in the country, Poznan, is a wonderful place to visit with kids. While visiting the city we were blessed with nice warm weather, which allowed us to do lots of outdoors activities including visiting the city's war memorials, famous parks, zoo, and, one of our favorite activities, the local water park!

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