The Journey to the Angel Falls in Venezuela

Never would I have imagined my round the world trip would take me to the world’s highest waterfall. Known to be one of the most dangerous countries in the word, few have dared to enter Venezuela to see this natural beauty. However, after thorough research, I discovered it was possible to enter Venezuela safely and see this waterfall.

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How to Safely Travel to Venezuela as a Tourist

Please note the below is from my visit in 2017. As conditions can often change, please check current advisories in addition to the below.

Venezuela is known to be one of the world’s most dangerous country. Knowing this, why would you want to go there?

Venezuela is the home to the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, as well as Mount Roraima, which is the mountain that inspired the film “Up”. Their Canaima National Park is also incredibly beautiful. If you like beaches, Venezuela may be a place you want to visit.

However, you might ask yourself is it worth visiting them now when it’s dangerous and if so, how can I safely enter the country?

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How to Get Free Accommodation Travelling in Colombia

Did you know it’s really easy to score free accommodation when you travel to Colombia? The single best way to make this happen is through hospitality exchange methods.

The most obvious one is couch surfing. Many Colombians are friendly, and will offer to let you stay on their couch for free. Just make sure to fill out your couch surfing profile, and send out as many requests as possible. It seems like women have better luck when it comes to scoring a place, as many female backpackers I have met has successfully secured a host while I haven’t.

If you weren’t able to secure a couch, another way to score free accommodation is through Workaway!

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Visiting the Towns of Villa de Leyva and Barichara, Colombia

The towns of Villa del Leyva and Barichara, Colombia, are well worth a visit. Both cities are well preserved colonial towns, each with its own unique features. Villa de Leyva is the smaller of the two, and can be explored in a day. The cobblestone streets are more prominent during times of rain, so prominent that the streets can get flooded during the rain. Nearby places to visit include an excavation site full of fossils from the dinosaur age.

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