The Quest for the Best Churros con Chocolate in Madrid

One of the things we were most looking forward to about our recent trip to Spain was devouring churros con chocolate. 

Fried to crisp perfection and served alongside rich dark chocolate, these are not your soggy elementary school cafeteria churros bathed in achingly sweet cinnamon sugar.

No, these are grown-up churros.

Everyone has their opinion on who makes the best churros and who makes the best chocolate, so we were eager to set the record straight on this matter while we were in Spain.

The title of best churros con chocolate would be decided in a battle, a battle where only the best, crispiest churros and deepest, darkest chocolate sauces come out alive. This is Churros con Chocolate Death Battle Royale!

Madrid seemed to be the epicenter of the churros con chocolate phenomena, so we decided the battle would take place there. The contenders? Restaurante Hegar, Chocolateria San Gines, and Valor. 

How can you say no to that churro?

Three go in, but only one can come out the victor of this death battle.

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La Oliva Granada is one of the City’s Best Kept Secret

The 17-course tasting menu at La Oliva in Granada might best be described as a religious experience: for just one evening, Jeremy and I got to experience food and wine so good that words do not do it justice, food that made us feel like we were being let in on a secret of sorts.

This might all sound a bit dramatic, but I’m being completely serious. The food, wine, and atmosphere at La Oliva were simply that good. 

But we can't keep this secret to ourselves, as the world must know about this amazing treasure of Granada.

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