If You Want to Enjoy Oman, Be Sure to Rent a Car

Beautiful designs in MuscatThere are many destinations we have visited around the world where we have found that renting a car made for a better experience.  In many others we realized we probably would have had a better time had we splurged for our own transportation for a few days.  But there are a few select destinations where we did not rent a car and realized that it was a critical mistake that greatly altered our experience.

Oman was one of those destinations.

While it is hard for anyone to fully justify the costs of a rental car, especially when you will need to spend even more for a full SUV with 4-wheel drive, we have a few reasons as to why you should consider it when traveling in Oman.

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Wahiba Sands – An Overnight Dune Bashing Adventure in Oman

Truck Tracks in the Sand in the Wahiba Desert, OmanAs the desert accounts for roughly 82% of the land mass of Oman, you would be, quite literally, missing a large part of the country by skipping a trip out into it.

Our trek into the desert was only a one night stay at a camp located about 30 kilometers inside the Wahiba Sands region of the country, and turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Oman.

The following photo essay is a selection of our best photos from the 400+ we took during our overnight stay in this stunning destination.

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