Wahiba Sands – An Overnight Dune Bashing Adventure in Oman

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on September 14, 2020.

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Truck Tracks in the Sand in the Wahiba Desert, OmanAs the desert accounts for roughly 82% of the land mass of Oman, you would be, quite literally, missing a large part of the country by skipping a trip out into it.

Our trek into the desert was only a one night stay at a camp located about 30 kilometers inside the Wahiba Sands region of the country, and turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Oman.

The following photo essay is a selection of our best photos from the 400+ we took during our overnight stay in this stunning destination.

Getting There

Getting to the Wahiba Sands
The desert appears out of nowhere, and within moments overtakes everything.


Getting to the Wahiba Sands
Cars and roads are replaced by camels and sand.


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Getting to the Wahiba Sands
And apparently marathon runners, too.


Camp Life

Accommodations in the Wahiba Sands
Premium housing in the desert for those not wanting to “rough it” in a permanent tent?  Crazy!


Accommodations in the Wahiba Sands
Our humble home for the night in the Omani desert.


Accommodations in the Wahiba Sands
No roof, no problem!


Don't Miss the Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in the Wahiba Sands
Going on top of the dunes for an hour or so of dune bashing is an experience we'll never forget.


Dune Bashing in the Wahiba Sands
It feels a lot like a roller coaster, except for the fact that you're in a truck.


Dune Bashing in the Wahiba Sands
When you see the trail from the last truck and realize that is where you're going, you know it is going to be good.


Dune Bashing in the Wahiba Sands
Many times you slide down a dune at an angle because, well, that is how it works in the desert!



Sunset Over the Omani Desert
The highlight of dune bashing is ending the experience ontop of a high dune and watching the sun set.


Sunset Over the Omani Desert
Nothing between you and the sun but miles upon miles of open desert.


Sunset Over the Omani Desert
…and then the heat finally fades away.

So whether you rent a car in Oman with 4-wheel drive (recommended), or go at it on your own, do not miss a trip out to the Wahiba Sands when you are here.   The desert is indeed a vast and empty place, but those who skip venturing into it will be missing out on one truly amazing experience.

We can't wait to go back.

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5 thoughts on “Wahiba Sands – An Overnight Dune Bashing Adventure in Oman”

  1. Hai Jeremy,

    Looks really great. We are planning a trip to Oman ourselves and we were hoping to do a trip in the desert as well. How did you organise this trip in the desert?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Organizing the trip itself is pretty easy as the desert camps offer pick-up services from the highway. If you do not have a car to get down there you’ll have to take a public bus and notify them of the stopping point, which can be tricky as it is not a proper bus station that it’d normally stop at.

  2. Great post! I want to go there now! I never read any post about travelling in Oman, it sounds amazing! Is it expensive to travel there?

    • Oman isn’t the cheapest of places I’ve been. Transportation is a bit rough because it is hard to get around on buses and you’ll likely want to rent a car. I will say I thought it was slightly cheaper than Dubai.


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