Our Top 10 Travel Experiences From Around the World

Easter Island

When you head out on a long-term trip, every single person you meet will ask you what your favorite experience has been. We have been asked this question hundreds if not thousands of times, and for several months it was very hard to answer as we have had just too many great experiences to pick the very best.

As a way to share our favorite experiences and give you inspirations for activities to do on your own long-term trip, we decided to put together a ranked list of our Top 10 experiences, destinations, restaurants, and moments from around the world.

When reading, keep in mind that we haven't been everywhere. This list represents our favorite experiences, from all of the destinations we've been to, and will be updated as we travel more and find great experiences that make the Top 10.

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Tiger Safari in India – What to Know About Ranthambore National Park

Going on a tiger safari in India is an experience that needs to be on every bucket list! 

There are around 3,000 wild tigers in India, which is the largest concentration of these big cats in the world. 

Seeing them in their natural environment is truly magical, and is a must for any North India itinerary. There are several national parks throughout India known for their high chances of spotting these elusive creatures.

So let’s dive into the article, and show you one of the best places to go on a tiger safari! 

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St. Regis Maldives Review – The Best Maldives Bungalows

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an archipelago of about 1,200 islands that boasts beautiful turquoise waters, pristine sand, and swaying palm trees. It’s one of the most beautiful islands in Asia, and what makes these islands so great to visit is staying in a picturesque Maldives bungalow.

I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the best overwater bungalows in the Maldives during my stay at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. This St. Regis Maldives review is filled with everything you need to know before booking your stay.

I cover everything from things to know before you go, things to do when you get there, and why you should stay in a gorgeous Maldives bungalow at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort in the first place!

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Traveling to Tibet Through Central China

Roads in Tibet

Traveling to Tibet through central China is a transformative experience; the journey itself is almost as interesting as actually visiting Tibet, an autonomous region within China.

I worked in China for about 8 years. This trip to Tibet was a team-building exercise with our local representatives in China. My partner and I were the only non-Chinese speaking Westerners.

There are many different roads and transportation options for traveling to Tibet. We opted for traveling to Tibet by private vehicle from Xining to Lhasa, a popular but very arduous route offered by many companies (so evaluate them before you pick one). A train line also exists as well.

Here is a peek into our experiences across central China to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

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