5 Road Trip Itineraries You Absolutely Must Experience

The iconic road trip is a must experience travel style for wanderers of all ages.

There is something about jumping into a car, picking a direction, and driving that inspires a great wanderlust.  In fact, the concept of a road trip is not much different than any other long-term journey as you can, in nearly all cases, go wherever you please.

Tired?  Stop for the night.  Want to explore?  Pick a side road and head off to see what kind of adventure awaits.  Don't like it?  Turn around and pick a new direction.

As the fundamentals of the road trip are in-line with long-term travel, we've researched what we're calling the Top 5 Must Experience Road Trips from around the world.

Some are to be expected, others are unusual, and the only question you need to ask yourself is how to make them a reality for your next great road trip. 

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The Top Places to Visit in Miami During Your Next Trip

Miami lies on the south-eastern tip of Florida, and is often referred to as “the retirement capital of the United States”. but don’t let that fool you into thinking Miami is boring. Far from it- Miami is brash, colorful and a playground for Americans wanting some fun in the sun. 

Since Miami is the gateway to the Caribbean, it is also the biggest cruise ship port in the world and the hub of many cruise lines.

Located close to the equator, the weather is hot and humid, making it a popular vacation spot with people looking for beaches, art deco glamor, and an energetic party scene- all considered to be among the best places to visit in Miami.

Miami has diverse neighborhoods from the South Beach celebrity scene to the Cuban community in Little Havana. Buildings range from dazzling skyscrapers in Downtown Miami to pastel-colored art deco buildings in South Beach. Miami Beach is actually a separate city and is a popular Spring Break party destination for American college students.

With a strong Latin American spirit, sexy people, palm trees, sandy beaches, clubs and parties- Miami is one of the wackiest, most amusing cities in America.

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